Seventh-grader's artwork wins prize

Drawing illustrates international peace
By: Todd Martin
A Rancier Middle School seventh-grader’s artistic view of international peace won a regional art contest.
Juliana Flores’ pencil drawing of women’s faces surrounding a heart shape formed with world flags earned first place in the Killeen Noon Lions Club art contest.
The drawing qualified for a regional level composed of 46 Lions’ Clubs and finished in fourth place among 16 finalists. It also earned the young artist $125.
The soft-spoken student explained that she decided to draw faces of women representing varied ethnicities along with the flags from many nations to illustrate the contest theme, “Journey of Peace.”
“The women of different ethnicities and the flags from different countries show we’re all one and we can work together,” she said.
She began the piece with pencil sketches and finished with markers and color pencils.
“I like using a lot of colors. I could show a lot of diversity,” she said.
Her proud art teacher, Ashley Brinker said she was impressed with the variety of skin tones in the drawing.
Flores is a talented student whose work inspires peers to emulate her, Brinker said.
“I was surprised,” the student said of winning the district contest and advancing to regionals.
“I’m excited when kids go beyond class time to do art,” Flores’ teacher said. “I get pumped when their interest goes outside of school. There are definitely opportunities to win prizes.”
“For a lot of students,” Brinker said, “art is an important outlet. It can give comfort and allow students to express emotions.”