Rally Motivates Students for STAAR Tests

Haynes STAAR rallyWith all the hoopla – hallway parade, high school dance team, student performances, teacher performances, student-and-teacher together performances – one would never guess the reason for the excitement, the STAAR test.


Haynes Elementary School finished the day Friday with third-, fourth- and fifth-graders making their way through the school hallways to the cafeteria with younger students cheering and holding best-wishes signs.


Once inside the cafeteria, the acts began, ranging from dancing to singing to chants, even a break-dancing routine.


The Chaparral High School TopCats dance team took part in the parade and performed several dances.


Throughout the creative, energetic, hyped-up fun, the message was clear.


Teachers have labored diligently to prepare students for the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) and the school’s third- through fifth-graders are ready.


Third-grader Giuliana Martin said she was confident she would do well on the STAAR tests because her teachers taught her well and she is going to be positive.

CHS dance team at elementray rally


“It’s important that we can show our teachers what we know,” she said as the final pep rally acts wrapped up just before dismissal and a three-day weekend.


“I’m confident I’ll do good,” she said.


Fourth-grader Elaina Carr has the advantage of experience since she took the state-mandated tests last year. She confirmed that teachers do a good job preparing their students.


“This is about passing the STAAR,” she said of the rally, “so we can get more knowledge.”


She said she would use test-taking strategies like taking her time, breathing deeply and taking breaks when needed.


“I liked when we performed,” she said of a song and dance that fourth-graders did with their teachers. “It was about doing our best, being ready and studying hard.”


Haynes Principal Alice Baumann praised students, reminding them of their hard work throughout the year.


She urged them to persevere on to success and to not let mistakes slow them down.

STAAR rally performance


During chanted messages, students said they would listen and think and said, “the future is ours.”


Superintendent Jo Ann Fey assured the students their teachers prepared them well for the tests. She asked them to find their teachers from their seats and to say thank you.


Fey also led them in a cheer with each grade level saying the words “Happy Hornets Roll.”


The rally ended with Haynes administrators on stage holding signs and shouting out words of encouragement and support. The final message – We Believe in You.


Elementary testing dates are April 10 for third to fifth grade reading, April 16 for fifth grade science and April 23 for third to fifth grade math.


Middle school testing is April 10, 16, 17 and 23. High school End-Of-Course exams are April 10, 11, 16, 17 and 23. 


See a list of STAAR testing dates here: https://www.killeenisd.org/assessment_and_accountability 


Haynes rally motivates students