A Hero Behind the Wheel, School Bus Driver Appreciation Day

In moments of crisis, heroes emerge from unexpected places, reminding us that courage and quick thinking can make all the difference. Such was the case with Grace Morgan, a school bus driver in Killeen ISD, whose swift action saved a student's life.

On a routine afternoon, Grace was transporting students home when she noticed fifth-grader Zoey M. in distress. Zoey was choking on a piece of candy, unable to breathe. Without hesitation, Grace sprang into action, drawing on her 37 years of experience behind the wheel and her parental instincts.

With calm determination, Grace ushered Zoey off the bus and performed the Heimlich maneuver, dislodging the candy and restoring Zoey's ability to breathe. Her quick and decisive actions saved Zoey from what could have been a tragic outcome.

Grace's heroism did not go unnoticed. City of Killeen Mayor, Debbie Nash-King, honored her with a certificate of appreciation and the mayor’s coin, recognizing her dedication and life-saving efforts. In a statement, Mayor Nash-King praised Grace, stating, "Grace has been in this career for 37 years, and the City of Killeen thanks her for her dedication and passion. Today, a little girl is alive because of her heroic actions!"

Grace's story is a testament to the importance of well-trained professionals like her, who are prepared to handle emergencies and ensure the safety of their passengers. Her actions serve as a reminder that heroes are among us, quietly making a difference in the lives of others.

Grace Morgan is a true hero behind the wheel, and her bravery inspires us all.