Killeen High Hosts Fine Arts Signing

Adelaide Olvera - CTC artKilleen High School honored a pair of multi-talented art students set to continue their education in fine arts at the college level.


Ryleigh Hood is going to the University of Texas at Arlington to study design to become a concept artist.


Adelaide Olvera is on her way to Central Texas College to study studio art specializing in mixed media. Her interests range from photography to wedding invitation design to art teacher.


The two soon-to-graduate seniors signed letters Tuesday during a ceremony in the KHS auditorium with family members, classmates, school administrators and district fine arts representatives.


Ryleigh Hood - University of Texas at Arlington

Hood’s primary fine art involvement at Killeen High School has been in choir. This year, she is the choir president.


Choir Director Cristal Conner said she discovered the talented singer’s design skills when she was doodling pictures of ghosts, something that led to the student becoming the choir’s artistic designer.


The choir director praised Hood for overcoming the challenge of transitioning to Killeen during her high school years as well as a hearing impairment.


“Being a part of that journey watching her learn to be patient with herself and have confidence in herself, she has grown and blossomed to be so strong,” said Conner.

Ryleigh Hood - UTA art


“Being in choir has fostered my passion for art and has inspired me to pursue my dreams even though I would face challenges in an artistic field,” she said in a written response to how art has impacted her career choice.


“Ms Conner has helped me feel like I have somewhere at school to belong and given me a family at school to fall back on. She’s always inspired me to keep going even when times get tough.”


Adelaide Olvera - Central Texas College

Olvera has excelled in visual art throughout middle school and high school. She earned two gold medals at the Region Visual Art Scholastic Event and completed the Advanced Placement Studio Portfolio Exam this year.


KISD Assistant Fine Arts Director Morganne Davies credited Olvera with inspiring the district’s first AP Art Show, scheduled Friday at 5 p.m. at the Pratt Center in Killeen.


Olvera praised her KHS art teacher Kimberly Squires and advised art students to “get out of your comfort zone and try something new.”


“I’ve seen her talent grow,” said Squires. “You have made us all proud. This past year I’ve seen so much, and I know you will keep growing.”


Chaparral High School conducted a fine art signing ceremony Monday. Harker Heights, Shoemaker and Ellison have ceremonies later this week.


A total of 19 KISD seniors are participating in fine art signings. They have earned a combined scholarship total of just under $1 million.


Each student is either enrolled in a college or university art program or has successfully auditioned for a college performance group.