Inaugural Camp Gives Swimmers Summer Pool Time

KHS swim coach gives instructionKilleen ISD’s middle school and high school swimmers are getting added pool time this summer during a first-ever camp organized by district swim coaches.


Killeen High swim coach Allixandria Bynum said the first-year camp, divided into four weeks and split between high school and middle school, was more successful than she dared to hope.


About 30 high school and 15 middle school swimmers took advantage in the first weeks. Now in its fourth week, the camp at the Trimmier Boys and Girls Club natatorium is drawing 40-plus high school students and up to 25 middle school students.


Students work on technique and speed, moving through separate stations, all directed by high school swim coaches.

KISD swimmers participate in summer camp


Bynum competed in KISD swimming at Live Oak Ridge Middle School and Shoemaker High School, graduating in 2010.


She went on to swim at the club level at Texas State University and eventually began teaching at Patterson Middle School and then KHS, where she teaches English and since 2020, has been coaching swim.


Back in high school, Bynum said, she swam in the summer because she worked at the Trimmier club pool.


“Most of my friends,” she said, “didn’t swim all summer.”


Last year, the KHS coach said she was in a work session with her fellow coaches, and they began talking about the possibility of a summer swim camp.


“The coaches were all for it,” she said. The district athletic directors also approved the idea, leading to the first-ever coordinated KISD swim camp.


“I think it shows kids that swim is a legitimate sport,” she said. “It pushes you athletically. Like any sport, you have to continue training in the off season.”

KISD swim campKISD swim camp


“Being in the water is so different than working out outside,” the coach said.


A few of the participants have been going to the swim camp in the morning and then going to their own school for athletic strength and conditioning sessions.


Some athletes have told the swim coaches that swimming is more demanding than other athletic training.


“Swim in KISD is growing,” Bynum said. “We are more of a unit as coaches. I want to support our other coaches at other schools. I think we’re headed in a positive direction.”


Ellison senior Charles Roberson said he clocked one of his best times during the camp. He said the extra work will improve performance in meets.


“The coaches are motivational,” said Ellison junior Lane Sopko. “They push you. The drills are helping my technique. Also, it’s a positive environment with the different schools and personalities.”


“With all the schools here, you can see the competition,” he said. “It motivates me to get better.”

KISD swimmers get instruction


Khalil Medlock, an incoming Patterson Middle School eighth-grader has been working out with high school and middle school swimmers.


“It’s really fun,” he said. “I’ve improved a lot and met new coaches. It’s a good community. This is a hard sport to learn – it helps with control, and it is good exercise that works all muscles.”


“It’s been a real nice experience,” said Killeen High School swimmer Alexander Perry. “I’m working on my stroke and getting faster. It’s nice to have all these coaches together. It’s like a big book of knowledge.”


The KHS junior said he likes thinking about ways to get faster and then seeing his work pay off in the pool. “It feels good.”


Competitive swimming is a year-round sport that concludes in February. The five KISD high school swim teams begin with an intra-district meet Sept. 16.