Principal Faces Her Fears Thanks to United Way

The Trimmier Elementary cafeteria was filled with giggles and excitement from students on Friday morning right before Spring Break. 
The school counselors had promised the school a show if they met their fundraising goal for United Way: fear factor, principal’s edition. 
StudentsPrincipal touching a lizardNot only did students achieve the fundraising goal of $2,023, but they also surpassed it by $1,650 and were able to donate a total of $3,675.76 to the United Way.   
As promised, the stage was set, Principal Avery blindfolded and objects including chicken feet, worms, fish, and a komodo dragon were placed in front of her for a touch-and-feel fear factor. 

"I am proud of my school for raising money, and I think Ms. Avery is very brave for touching a real-life mini-dragon!" commented first grader Ariel. 
The sea of students cheered and encouraged Mrs. Avery to face her fears as the counselors repeated, “there’s still more!” after each round of frightful items. 
Students and teachers worked together through the weeks of fundraising for United Way. Trimmier Elementary hosted a pajama day, stuffed animal day, crazy hair day, and a 3rd-5th grade dance that helped meet their fundraising goals. Each class competed in Coin Wars to raise the most amount of money for a pizza party. 
In the end, the campaign exceeded each teacher’s and student’s expectations. Mrs. Avery shared how thankful she was to every teacher and student that helped support the United Way fundraiser. 

Students holding up numbers