KISD Honors February STEEL Winners

Director's secretary honoredThis month’s Killeen ISD STEEL Award winners left no doubt of their enthusiasm for the job, even late in their careers.


Brenda Gooding, secretary for the director of assessment and accountability, and Iduma Elementary School custodian Louise Capodicasa are Killeen ISD’s honorees for February.

Mrs. "C" honored at Iduma


Deputy Superintendents Megan Bradley and Jennifer Ellison joined other top district administrators with representatives of the communications department and Education Foundation, as well as campus and department leaders to surprise the honorees.


Louise Capodicasa – Iduma Elementary School

The group hid in the Iduma library as Principal Katy Bohannon brought in her unsuspecting morning custodian.


When Capodicasa saw the group, and realized they were assembled for her, she quickly showed her emotion, at first with tears and then with excitement that was infectious.


The 29-year KISD employee is described as dedicated, enthusiastic, and caring.


“We are told by Principal Katy Bohannon who nominated you that you enthusiastically welcome everyone to our ‘Iduma Ohana,’ and your pride for the campus is evidenced by the care you give each and every day,” Assistant Superintendent Will Baker said, reading the nomination.

Enthusiastic custodian shows spiritBrenda Gooding surprised with honor


The excited, surprised Capodicasa smiled widely. Students and staff members at Iduma refer to her as the mother of the school.


She worked at Iduma when the school first opened 20 years ago, and Principal Judy Tyson tapped her as lead custodian to help open the campus.


“I love my staff and I love my kids. The parents respect me because I treat everyone the same way,” she said. “We are all Ohana. I tell everyone here we are family. It’s a blessing. I thank God for my job.”


When she walked into the library, she started to cry. “It makes me feel good because it makes me feel like everyone appreciates me. We need to appreciate everyone. It takes a village to take care of the school.”


“I try to help whoever needs help because I’ve been here so long,” she said, listing off teachers, crossing guards, cafeteria staff, and other employees. “This is my home. When God says it’s time for me to go, it’s time for me to go.”

February STEEL Award winners


Brenda Gooding - Learning Services - Assessment and Accountability 

At Technology Services on Beeline Drive in Harker Heights, Gooding emerged from a hallway, shocked to see a group of people assembled to honor her.


“We are excited to celebrate you today,” said Baker, reading the nomination from Assessment and Accountability Director Dawn Sills.


“Your unwavering commitment to student success and your invaluable support for our teaching staff are the cornerstones of your exceptional contributions to Killeen ISD.” 


Words to describe the director’s secretary are patient, dependable and supportive.


“Brenda does not just support the department in which she serves,” according to the nomination. “She is the hub of all communication between this department and each campus and community member who seeks guidance regarding a task we own.”


Gooding is known to handle difficult calls with patience and says she is not interested in retiring because the work continues to give her enjoyment.


“Her dependability and foresight ensure that nothing gets overlooked. From making sure Ms. Sills attends meetings, to impeccably managing her requisitions, to following up with parents and staff; her dedication to this district is undeniable and unmatched.”


“I enjoy what I do. I’ve had good directors and good leadership,” she said.

Career Center fabricates STEEL awards


“I was shocked,” she said of receiving an award. “I am humbled. It makes me feel good. I come to work and do what I need to do. I wasn’t expecting (an award).”


After working on Fort Cavazos, she transitioned to KISD in 1996, first at Palo Alto Middle School as an aide and then a secretary, then moved into the director’s secretary role.


STEEL stands for Supporting the Education and Empowerment of Learners.


The award itself is a steel plaque fabricated in the KISD Career Center welding bays and polished and finished in the automotive shop.


“It embodies qualities like strength, resilience, durability and unwavering commitment – traits that we hold in high esteem,” said Bradley of the two honorees.