Students Surprise Bus Drivers With Tribute

KISD bus riders express appreciation to drivers
By: Todd Martin
In the middle of an afternoon of training for Killeen ISD bus drivers and monitors Friday, a group of special guests invaded the packed Smith Middle School cafeteria with an important message.
A group of students ranging from second- to 12th-grade, all bus riders in KISD, provided encouraging messages to the transportation services employees.
Sixteen students – enough for each to hold a letter to spell out “bus driver & monitor” – stood on the stage.
Coordinator for Transportation Services Applications Andrea Boston guided the activity, directing each student to say their name, grade and where they go to school.
Next, the students read off encouraging messages that appeared on a screen for the employees to see as they listened.
The bus drivers responded often with laughter and applause.
The first slide said, “B is for the Bravery you must have to want to drive us rowdy kids.”
Tamia Carroll, about to start her senior year at Shoemaker High School has been a bus rider since fifth grade. She said she admires bus drivers.
“They know how to make the bus ride fun,” she said. “Some people think bus drivers are mean and yell all the time, but I love my drivers, especially on field trips.”
“U is for Understanding that we have bad days, too.”
Angel Taylor, a sophomore at Chaparral High School, has been riding the bus since sixth grade.
“They are very caring and understanding,” she said. “Some kids disrespect the drivers. They keep everyone safe. I feel safe on the bus, and I like having someone else drive me. I know they care for all the students.”
“D is for your Dedication to driving a school bus full of kids.”
Boston, the organizer of the bus driver tribute said she knew all the students from her time as a campus administrator or from her church.
“I try to show our drivers they are appreciated,” she said. “I wanted them to be able to start the year on a good note and hear from those they drive. I was glad to put some smiles on their faces.”
“R is for your positive Response and Remaining clam when we are running late.”
The students were happy to show appreciation to the drivers.
“It seems like a hard job,” Carroll said. “They have to do multiple things at once. It felt good to give back. They were smiling and clapping.”
“It made people realize bus drivers are important,” said Taylor.
The final message said: “Thank you for all you do! Our bus drivers and monitors are the real MVPs!”