Teacher Media Center

A photo of the Media Center - Printers on tables and walls filled with color paper
The Teacher Media Center is open with limited occupancy!!

Sorry, no bringing a buddy or helper at this time.
Paras may come during the school day. We ask no more than 2 per campus at a time.

If you only need to print, you may do so from our parking lot or the lobby from your laptop then call us at 254-336-1747 [ or 1746] and we'll get it to you.
We strongly encourage you to bring your own 'community supplies' such as scissors, glue stick, bags to bring work home.....
Like most things right now, this is a work in progress so please be patient as we all adjust.

4/1/21 update:  For now, you do not need to sign up for a work time.  Work occupancy is at 12 people. If there are already 12 people working when you arrive, you will be asked to wait until someone leaves before you come in to work.
10/29/20 update: Volunteers may return to the media center with the following procedures:

All media center volunteers must be district approved volunteers AND have already had the media center orientation.  If there is a new volunteer, they must go thru the campus volunteer coordinator to set up the media center orientation time BEFORE coming to the media center.  

Volunteers or volunteer coordinator will need to call the center to reserve a work time since they do not have access to Eduphoria Strive. Covid limitations and procedures will apply.

Details have been sent to the campus volunteer coordinators.  Please call us or consult with them BEFORE asking a volunteer to come to the media center.

The Teacher Media Center is here to support classroom teachers in creating lively, interactive lessons for their students. At the media center you will find eight laminators, numerous small and XL Ellison die press machines with a wall full of dies to choose from, two electronic cutout makers, poster machines, button maker machines, paper cutters, a comb bound book binder, copier, computers, color and black printers. We also supply a variety of colors of construction paper and tag board along with scissors, glue, markers, etc. to complete your projects. You may also bring your own scrapbook paper, wall paper, wrapping paper, foam, fabric or felt to use with the die presses. The possibilities are endless!

You must wear your KISD ID to use the media center. It is the only way we have to assure the supplies are going to students in KISD classrooms.


902 Rev R A Abercrombie Dr Killeen, TX. 76543-4905