Teacher Spotlight: Anna Maria DeLuca

Delcua looks at the group as they walk into the classroom to surprise her.
By: Samantha Seidel
A soft-spoken teacher with a heart of gold, had a warm light shining on her accomplishments this month at Maxdale Elementary School.
Tricked into coming into another classroom to watch the students, Dyslexia teacher Annamaria DeLuca was standing at the front of the classroom, when the Spotlight Crew made their arrival.
The crew pivoted to the teacher and DeLcua’s eyes widened as she realized that the crowd was cheering her name out loud.
Principal Bobbi Evans gave the teacher a hug and explained to the room why DeLuca had been nominated as the Teacher Spotlight for the Month.
“This is her second year with us,” Evans began. “and from the moment she arrived she has been impactful.Deluca smiles as she realizes she is being honored as the Teacher Spotlight. 
“She is an expert in her field and she truly has a heart for her students. She uplifts everyone she is around, and we are so lucky to have her here at Maxdale. Congratulations, we are so proud of you.”
At a loss for words the teacher graciously accepted the certificate with a grin on her face. She explained to the room that she is the happiest that she has ever been at a campus.
“I was in Corpus Christi and I was moving with my husband up to central Texas,” she stated explain her journey to Maxdale.
“I did a phone interview with the campus and I could just feel their warmth and the smiles coming though the phone. I knew this was the right place for me.”
The seasoned teacher, now in her 30th year of teaching, always knew that education was the path that she would follow.
“I feel like I began teaching others when I was just seven years old,” she said laughing. “I was always helping others. It just felt so natural to me, and it just progressed from there.”
 Delcua accepts her certificate in complete shock. For DeLuca, seeing her students become empowered when they master a goal is DeLuca’s favorite thing about teaching.
“Especially with reading, when they get it finally and they don’t struggle as much is such a wonderful feeling. When you can read well, life becomes a lot easier.”
Even though all of her students have different needs and circumstances, DeLuca wants them to know that with perseverance, they can achieve anything.
“Life is not always easy,” DeLuca said. “But if you can develop grit and determination, you can overcome anything.
“I love my students and this school, and I am grateful for all of the support from our administration.”

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