Teacher Spotlight: Gee and Goode

Teachers Gee and Goode pose for a photo after receiving their awards
By: Samantha Seidel
A Killeen High School dynamic duo known as G squared, are getting recognized for their innovative ways that inspire and teach their students math skills.
Congregating in Principal Kara Trevino’s office, the Killeen ISD Spotlight crew, along with KHS staff members handed out whistles, pom-poms and clappers in preparation of a very special surprise.
Math teacher Arnience Gee was sitting at her desk, while her students were doing a warmup activity. The teacher rotated in her chair to see the raucous crew enter her class.
Gee immediately stood up and looked to the ceiling in shock as tears welled up in her eyes. Gee stands up in shock as the crew enters her room to surprise her.
Trevino hugged Gee, while teacher counterpart, Kelli Goode stood behind the principal, all smiles as she excitedly celebrated her friend.   
Handing the bag of goodies and the Teacher Spotlight certificate to Gee, the crew turned to Goode, and stated that Gee would not be the only teacher receiving a surprise today. Goode’s mouth dropped and Trevino explained to the crowd why both teachers were being honored.
“These two are amazing team teachers,” she stated. “This was a combined effort from all of us to celebrate you both.
“Together you are innovative and creative and really represent the collaborative model here at Killeen ISD. We are so lucky to have the both of you.”
The two teachers were quick to praise each other.
“Mrs. Goode is amazing,” said Gee. “This is my first year doing inclusion and Kelli is so helpful. She is not afraid to take risks as a teacher. We mesh so well together I feel like we are the same person.”
Gee and Goode fist bump each other.Goode was proud of her co-teacher and the growth that she has experienced since working with Gee.
“She is creative and is always coming up with new ideas on how to inspire our students to learn and enjoy math,” she said. “Gee inspires me to keep pushing and growing as a teacher.”    
KHS math teacher Arnience Gee
Arnience Gee was born and raised in Killeen to two military parents. She didn’t always know that she wanted to teach. In fact, she began college studying for a business degree before making the switch to math.
“I started teaching here in 2014 and I realized I needed to get creative to help make an impact on how my students learn,” Gee said. “With the help of Mrs. Goode, we have done slope yoga, sailed around the world in our classes, we have even used balloons to help teach math concepts.”
While teaching math is a fundamental part of the job, Gee also wants her students to learn life skills.
“If you learn math, great,” she said smiling. “But I want you to leave here having life skills that will help you be successful. I want my students to take control of their success.”
Thanking her co-teacher Mrs. Goode, Gee also thanked campus administrators for the support she has always received.
“Thank you to God first, and to my husband, who never complains,” she said smiling. “Thank you to my KHS family, my buddy Brooke Knight, and of course Mrs. Goode who is always willing to go along with my crazy ides.”
KHS math teacher Kelli Goode
Kelli Goode followed her soldier husband to Texas. She knew from seventh grade that she wanted to make an impact as a teacher. Goode shows her surprise when she realizes that she is being honored along with Gee.
“I started tutoring in seventh grade, working with the special needs students, and I fell in love with it,” Goode said.
“I kept tutoring in high school and college and knew that teaching was what I wanted to do.”
Beginning at the elementary level, Goode transitioned to high school, where she found that learning and growth took on a different complexion.
“I love knowing that I am making a difference,” Goode said. “I love the challenge of helping my SPED kids learning those critical skills that are going to help them for the rest of their lives.”
Sometimes, Goode admits, she is her own biggest critic and feels like she has failed as a teacher if she doesn’t see her students doing well.
“Mrs. Gee really helps push me to be the best I can be. I am so thankful to her. Thank you to God, my husband who always motivates me and to my Killeen High family who have given me the chance to come here. Thank you.”
Gee and Goode, along with Principal Trevino go in for a group hug.