Teacher Spotlight: Michaela Eikansas

Michaela Eikansas smiles as she shows off her certificate.
By: Samantha Seidel
A second-year teacher is making a big-time impact at Smith Middle School.
Smith Principal Chad Wolf, joined other school staff members and the KISD spotlight team on a winding path to surprise science teacher Michaela Eikansas. Eikansas is shocked to see the Spotlight crew in her classroom.
The teacher was moving about the room, getting her students ready for a lab, when the group swarmed in.
Busy with what she was doing, it took a few minutes for the focused teacher to realize that a few extra people were in her room. Finally turning around, the teacher smiled uncomfortably, wondering what exactly was going on.
The principal explained to all what prompted him to nominate Eikansas for the Teacher Spotlight for the Month.
“You are amazing with your students,” he said. “You always create engaging lessons and you had created such a wonderful learning environment for your students. We love having you here at Smith.”
Eikansas was inspired to teach when she saw the impact a teacher could have on a student’s life.
“I kind of always knew that I wanted to teach because I had so many positive teaching role models in my life,” she stated.
“I have been at Smith for two years now, and it’s like a dream. The atmosphere here is so amazing.”
Eikansas teaches at a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) campus and loves seeing her students rise to every academic challenge, but she also wants to help them grow into good citizens.
“I love getting them engaged in their learning and see them do lots of projects, but I also want them to be good human beings,” she said. “That will help them be successful in anything they try.” Eikansas laughs while holding her Teacher Spotlight certificate.

Trying to keep her students engaged with their learning can be challenging at times, but Eikansas has high expectations of herself and her students.
“I am always trying to build those relationships,” she said. “No two days are alike, and you have to constantly change how you interact with your students, but it’s all worth it.”
Thanking the Smith staff, Eikansas was excited to continue teaching and having an impact on her community.

“This is what I want to do until I retire,” she said smiling. “Coming here is always such a positive experience. Thank you to every single person on this campus.”