Teacher Spotlight: Stephanie Lea

Lea is all smiles as the group walks in to surprise her.
By: Samantha Seidel
A teacher with a lot of history at Peebles Elementary School recently received an award for her steadfast dedication to her students.
With a large group of Peebles staff at their backs, the Human Resources and Education Foundation Spotlight team opened the door to Stephanie Lea’s classroom.
Lea laughs nervously as the Spotlight group walks up to her.Working with her students on laptops, the teacher began clapping her hands and smiling as the crowd flooded her room.
Smiling turned to laughter when she realized that the group was there to celebrate her.
Principal Carol Correa hugged the teacher and explained why she had been chosen as the Elementary Teacher Spotlight for the Month.
“She is an amazing educator,” said Correa. “She believes in her students and advocates strong positive relationships.
“The parents sing her praises, and you never hear her complain. She is always willing to go the extra mile.”
Lea was excited to be part of a campus that had given her such a strong foundation when she was a student at Peebles Elementary.
“This was my top choice school,” she said smiling. “I went here and wanted to give back to the school that gave so much to me.”
Starting her journey into education as a secretary at a high school, Lea saw a need to support students at an earlier age. She finished with school and received her teaching certificate and has never looked back.
“There are so many good parts to teaching,” Lea said. “I love being able to see my students grow and help them through their struggles.”
Even though it can be a challenge to meet all the needs of her students, Lea strives to be the best teacher that she can be for her class.
“I always try and look for new and innovative ways to apply different learning techniques,” she said. “Sometimes it’s one simple thing that will Lea is shocked when she see her certificate. help them remember whatever we are talking about in class.”

Lea always wants her students to understand the value of integrity, and making good decision both in and out of the classroom.
“Living above the line is a big theme in my class,” Lea stated. “We are constantly talking to each other about making good choices, and how that can impact your life.”
One of Lea’s goals for herself as a teacher is having a lasting impact on her students.
“I want them to come back to visit me one day, and tell me that my belief in them helped them be successful.”
Lea thanked her principal and the Peebles staff for always supporting her no matter what.
“I also want to thank my students,” she said. “And thank you to Human Resources, this is such an important award for teachers. It reminds them, that they are doing good work.”