Thank You Notes

An example of a hand written thank you note lays on a student's desk
By: Samantha Seidel
‚ÄčA student works on his thank you letters.Hand-written notes may seem old-fashioned, but for Harker Heights Elementary School students, the special tradition is alive and well.
For the past few years, the Killeen ISD Education Foundation has rotated to different campuses asking for help, writing thank-you note to Foundation donors.
During the grant patrol delivery in December, Principal Carolyn Dugger showed the Foundation guests around the school, pointing out the artwork that students have made.Education Foundation Director Joyce Hodson shows the students how to place the card in the envelope.

Foundation Director Joyce Hodson was impressed with the skill level of the students and suggested a Valentine’s Day thank-you letter project. 
“We have found that our donors really love hand-written notes from the students,” said Hodson. “We were so happy that we could come here today and work with them.”

Students in two classrooms worked to complete 250 cards. They learned how to place the card correctly in the envelope, note side out and found out where to write the recipient’s address and place the stamp.

“I really think that this is a character building opportunity,” said Dugger. “The students take such pride in their learning and arts are so important for students to participate in.”
 A students shows off her card.
The students decorated the cards with sparkly Valentine-themed stickers and used an assortment of colored markers and pens to create a special valentine note.

“At Harker Heights Elementary we believe that building good character traits are just as important as academics,” stated Dugger, “and that sometimes it is better to give than receive.”