Transfer Request Information

  • Killeen Independent School District (KISD) continues its journey to achieve excellence in all areas. The district is steadfastly focused on ensuring each child’s academic success. We realize that sometimes academic success is influenced by logistical issues tied to a parent’s work, schedule, or special circumstances. There are factors which may create the need for a student to attend a school outside of the residential attendance zone.

    At the same time, particularly at the secondary level, students may want to attend a particular school in order to participate in a unique course or courses. Examples of unique courses include, but are not limited to, orchestra at Harker Heights High School, leadership courses at Ellison High School and engineering and robotics courses at Shoemaker High School. Killeen High School offers the International Baccalaureate Program, a program to which students must apply and be accepted. The KISD Board of Trustees through board policy has developed several opportunities for parents to request student transfers from one school attendance zone to another for logistical and unique course offering purposes. A brief explanation of these transfers is described below.

    1. Child Care/Supervision transfers are available for children in Pre-K through 8th grade on a space available basis. This transfer may be requested if a family member, other private individual, or childcare center is to care for and supervise the child before/after school each day. Such a transfer may be granted to a school which is located in the attendance zone that contains the child care provider. The receiving school principal grants/denies child care transfers.

    2. Senior Option transfers are available to high school senior students whose circumstances may have changed due to a change in residence or other factor. These students may apply to remain at the campus where they completed their junior year. The receiving high school principal grants/denies senior option transfers.

    3. Military Post transfers are available to all military personnel and federally connected personnel who work on Fort Cavazos. Pre-K through 8th grade transfers are available for students who reside off post to transfer to any school located within Fort Cavazos on a space available basis. The receiving school principal grants/denies military post transfers.

    4. Special Consideration transfers may be requested for extenuating circumstances or hardships. In addition, special consideration transfers may be requested for students who want to attend a campus outside their attendance zone in order to participate in “unique courses.” The Executive Director for Student Services grants/denies extenuating circumstances/special consideration transfers.

    5. Out of District transfers may be requested for students residing out side of the Killeen Independent School District attendance zone. However, only certain elementary, middle, and high schools are open for Out of District transfers which are determined and set for the school year. Out of District transfers can be picked up at Student Services. The Executive Director for Student Services approves/disapproves Out of District Transfers.

    All of the above transfers are subject to students being in good standing for attendance and discipline. Additionally, all of these transfers are subject to space availability and are valid for the current school year only.
    Transportation of students who are attending a campus on an approved transfer is the responsibility of the parent or guardian. Parents should be mindful that a transfer may have implications for UIL eligibility at the high school level.

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