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KISD Transportation Services
is responsible for providing daily transportation to approximately 12,000 of the 45,000+ enrolled students. Included in this total are approximately 1,000+ special program and special needs students. In addition to this number, approximately 16,300 students are transported for extra-curricular activity trips on a monthly basis. To provide this transportation support, the district has 340 buses and employs almost 350 individuals in the Transportation Services Department. The district consists of over 400 square miles and encompasses four different populated areas (Killeen, Harker Heights, Nolanville, and Fort Hood) and portions of two counties. 

  • ‚ÄčDEPARTMENTAL SECTIONS ADMINISTRATION Responsible for establishing procedures and carrying out policy, the hiring, training, and orientation of staff, upkeep of personnel and safety records, filing local and state reports, payroll and budget preparation, and investigating concerns of parents, drivers, and district staff. Team Leaders are elected annually and are required to conduct monthly team meetings and attend the Directors Team Leaders Meetings. Their primary purpose is to facilitate communications.
  • TRAINING / SAFETY Directs and coordinates the employee training activities of the department to ensure that all employees are optimally trained to operate district school buses and provide safe transportation of all students. Establishes and maintains the departmental safety program.
  • OPERATIONS Responsible for the assignment and supervision of drivers, route organization, assignment of students to buses, extra- and co-curricular travel, determining pick up and departure points for students, monitoring the departments radio system, student discipline reporting, and parent and school communications for both Regular and Special Education bus routes.
  • FLEET MAINTENANCE Responsible for the care and upkeep of all district vehicles. A complete preventative maintenance program for KISD buses and other district vehicles is provided. These PMs are scheduled daily, and each driver will be notified when they will need to take a substitute bus. The maintenance staff is also responsible for regular repairs, breakdowns, collision and emergency calls, and servicing of all KISD vehicles.
  • TRANSPORTATION SUPPORT Administers the district bus-video program. Provides installation and maintenance of video equipment and oversees daily operations of all video equipment. Maintains inventory of buses with video systems, equipment inventory of video recording and playback equipment, and video library. Schedules video tape replacement cycles. Provides technical expertise for all transportation-unique automated systems and serves as primary troubleshooter for these systems. Oversees fleet service fuelers in the performance of daily fueling and systems inspection operations. Maintains all district-owned fuel servicing facilities, including pump islands and automated fuel delivery and environmental monitoring system. Administers transportation services fuel contract, requesting fuel as required to ensure continuing fuel availability.
  • TRANSPORTATION SERVICES PROVIDED REGULAR The Killeen Independent School District provides transportation services for elementary students who reside one or more miles from the home school and for high school and middle school students who reside two or more miles from the home school. Transportation for students living less than these distances from home schools, but in defined and approved hazardous areas, is also provided on a limited basis.
  • SPECIAL PROGRAM Transportation of students who are enrolled in Special Education and who qualify for transportation through the Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) Committee.
  • ALTERNATIVE Transportation of students who are enrolled in district behavioral management or alternative programs. Also included are student who are enrolled in the county juvenile detention program.
  • BILINGUAL / ESL Transportation of Bilingual and ESL (English as a Second Language) students who are enrolled in Bilingual / ESL Education classes and who qualify for transportation.
  • CAREER AND TECHNOLOGY Transportation of students from home campuses to the district career and technology programs.
  • ACTIVITY TRIPS Transportation of students between schools and extra- and co-curricular and other approved field trip activities.
  • MAIL, DISTRIBUTION, PRODUCT DELIVERY, and RECYCLING Intra-district transportation of equipment, supplies, other materials, and mail.
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