Common Sense Educators

  • Common Sense Educators make up a community of innovators who believe in the power of technology to transform learning and who know that digital citizenship is an essential foundation for effective digital teaching. These educators help lead responsible and effective tech use in the school communities.


    Brenda Hall Audie Murphy Middle School
    Shawn Lansing Audie Murphy Middle School
    Elizabeth  Maldonado Audie Murphy Middle School
    Charlynn Loeffler Brookhaven Elementary
    Jesus Martinez Brookhaven Elementary
    Marissa Ocampo C E Ellison High School
    Lila Ramos C E Ellison High School
    Callie  Pettyjohn Cedar Valley Elementary
    Benjamin Stephens Cedar Valley Elementary
    Anthony Ammaturo Clifton Park Elementary
    Tobi Hamilton Dr Joseph A Fowler Elementary
    Diane Hodyniak Haynes Elementary 
    Elizabeth Lancaster Iduma Elementary
    Eric Garland KISD Early College High School
    Clint Moosman KISD Early College High School
    Holly Landez KISD Instructional Technology
    Rebecca Fay Liberty Hill Middle School
    Brilina Maurer Maxdale Elementary
    Susan  Beaumont Montague Village Elementary
    Robin Cavenaugh Mountain View Elementary
    Kristin Coffield Oveta Culp Hobby Elementary
    Sam Farmer Palo Alto Middle School
    Andrea Jackson Pathways Academic Campus
    Diane  Strickland Pershing Park Elementary
    Dina D'Amore AMBASSADOR Reeces Creek Elementary
    Scott Heideman Reeces Creek Elementary
    Paul Selph Saegert Elementary
    Jennifer Maddox SPED
    Frank Arevalo Skipcha Elementary
    Kelly  Giacomozzi Skipcha Elementary
    Kiree Bons Sugar Loaf Elementary
    Mary Seffrood Trimmier Elementary
    Leslie Rowe Venable Village Elementary
    Randy Clements West Ward Elementary


    Are you a KISD Common Sense Educator and your name is not on this list? Please contact us so that we can recognize you!