Let's Walkthrough Together!

  • A question we get, especially around testing windows, is what is the best way to provide secure exams online, via Schoology. This question is often followed by how to allow only a group of students to test on a specific window of time/date with a specific allotment of time, e.g. two hours, when classes have been linked or cross-listed.
    Below is our recommendation. I have also created a video walkthrough that I have attached.

    1. Use Add Assessment NOT Add Test/Quiz
    2. In the Create Assessment dialog box, set the following fields accordingly –
      1. Name – as appropriate
      2. Due Date – set or leave blank and it will default to end of the marking period
      3. Submissions – Enable from … until …, then set the appropriate start and end dates and times
      4. Password – your option to set or leave disabled
      5. Category – Summative
      6. Options – Individually Assign, and
      7. Assign to: enter the names of students for the appropriate day you set for the submissions, e.g. students in 1st and 6th period
      8. Click Create
    3. In the setup tab, you can set specific settings to limit the time students have to test, etc. Here are recommended setting –
      1. Assessment has a time limit – Yes, 120 minutes
      2. Assessment questions are randomly ordered – Yes
      3. Show possible points for each question during the attempt – No
      4. Students can flag questions for review – Yes
      5. Students can eliminate answer choices – Yes
      6. Students can use text to speech – Yes
      7. Students can highlight text – Yes
      8. Allow students to view results after an attempt is submitted – No
      9. Number of attempts students can submit – 1 time
      10. Click Save
    4. Create your assessment using the questions tab.
    5. Once the test is completed, click on the Actions drop down and Save to Resources.
    6. You can now go to a new day in the links course, add materials, and choose Import from Resources.
      1. Check mark the box next to the test you saved in step 5.
      2. Click import.
      3. Click the wheel next to the activity to Edit Assessment options and follow step 2, above.

    Following this process will make a copy of the test for each day of semester exams, but only allow those students you assign the assessment to the ability to test for the day and length of time you set in steps 2C and 3A.