Let's Walkthrough Together!

  • ExamView is a third-party test design software that some textbook publishers use, adding their own question banks. As a textbook resource, training and support for the software is provided by your content area DIS with support from the textbook publisher. Training from the publisher typically involves how to use the ExamView product to create an exam for use with students. You could also visit Turning Technologies website for assistance, as they are the actual publisher of ExamView.
    If teachers want to use an ExamView test in Schoology, they will need to –

    1. Create their test in ExamView and Save as Blackboard 7.1 - 9.0
    2. In Schoology, create a Test/Quiz activity
    3. Click Add Questions and Import Test/Quiz from Blackboard
    4. Select the Blackboard test created in Step 1.

    If they want to convert the Test/Quiz activity into Assessment, as eventually Schoology will be moving all Test/Quiz to the new Assessment activity, teachers would then -

    1. Click the cog wheel to the right of the Test/Quiz they want to convert and choose Save to Resources,
    2. Go to Resources, click the wheel next to the Test/Quiz and choose Convert to Assessment

    Schoology’s roadmap for improvements has the conversion process being brought to the course itself, to avoid the need to copy to resources – which adds unnecessary steps at the moment. However, we do not have a timeline for that to be completed, just that it is currently in development.