KISD Traveling Mural

For the very first time at Killeen ISD, librarians from 10 Killeen ISD elementary, middle school, and high school campuses gathered this week to trade pieces of a mural that students from each campus have created.
The idea originated from the Global Traveling Mural which some KISD campuses have been involved with in the past. This involves 10 schools from across the country creating a 10-foot mural representing their community and school. The mural is then cut and traded with other schools before it is displayed on campus. The mural “helps campuses stay connected,” Dina D’Amore said, “after all, we are KISD.” Ms. D’Amore is a librarian at Reeces Creek Elementary School. 
Some campuses chose themes for their murals. Peebles Elementary School one of KISD’s bilingual campuses had students draw flags to represent their culture and heritage. Liberty Hill Middle School art students dedicated each letter of “Lion Pride” to symbolize what best represents their campus to them: polaroids of a school bus, championship trophy, basketballs, students learning and socializing, H-E-B, and even… a dinosaur.  The Killeen High School Art Club began their mural with spatter paint before doodling. Art Teacher, Mr. Sanders said, “I got to say, it was fun watching the kids work on the mural.”
traveling muralA collective “aww” filled the room when the Willow Springs Elementary School mural was presented. Librarian Callie Sanders thought about what they could do to continue building campus culture and school pride, students used fingerprints and footprints to create blue jays, the campus mascot, representing “that we are making a mark on our campus.” She asked students and staff what words come to mind when they think of Willow Springs Elementary and displayed them on the mural.
teachers smiling After presenting each mural, the librarians traded pieces until each campus was represented in the new murals. Although students were initially sad that their murals would be cut into 10 pieces, they were very excited to get the other school’s pieces and see the KISD mural put together at their school. When asked if the 10 participating schools would do another Killeen ISD traveling mural, a unanimous and enthusiastic yes resounded as everyone in attendance was in agreement, a new tradition had begun. 
The 10 participating schools for the 2023 Killeen ISD Traveling Mural were Reeces Creek, Clifton Park, Pershing Park, Willow Springs, Iduma, Meadows, and Peebles Elementary Schools, Liberty Hill and Eastern Hills Middle Schools, and Killeen High School. 

Traveling mural