Letter Jacket Requirements (Choir)

    1. The present UIL rules stipulate that only one major award (maximum cost $70.00) for participation in inter-school competition may be presented during a student's high school enrollment in the same school. Additional symbolic awards not to exceed $10.00 each may be presented for each additional interscholastic activity during the student's high school career.

    2. Participants must meet the scholastic requirements as set forth by the UIL.

    3. The participant must have finished the year as a member of the organization and be in "good standing" with the campus organization fine arts department. A student who finishes the year on suspension is not a member of the organization and is not in good standing with the campus organization fine arts department.

    4. Awards remain the property of the Killeen Independent School District until the student graduates. Any abuse of the honor to possess an award will result in the student being relieved of the award (to be determined the director of the organization and campus principal.).

    5. Awards will conform to UIL regulations.

    6. Senior Award Rule: When a senior fails to meet the requirements to be awarded a varsity award, the director may letter the participant providing the participant has met all of the previous criteria mentioned in Awards and Lettering, one (1) through five (5).

    7. A member school may not give, and a student may not accept awards for participation in interschool competition in excess of $10 per year (total for all UIL school activities). A student may accept a symbolic award in recognition of achievement in an interschool contest (e.g. all-tournament awards, ribbons, plaques, and medals).

    8. Students will be eligible for a varsity letter jacket by earning a minimum of (10) points.

        • For each year enrolled and successfully completed in a competitive choir, students will earn:
          • 1st year - 1 point
          • 2nd year - 2 points
          • 3rd year - 3 points
          • 4th year - 4 points

        • Additional points will be earned from the following categories:
          • TMEA Region (placement) - 1 point
          • TMEA Pre Area (placement) - 1 point
          • TMEA Area (placement) - 2 points
          • TMEA All State Choir - 5 points
          • UIL Solo & Ensemble (Div. 1 rating only)
            • Solo - 1 point
            • Ensemble - 1 point
          • State Solo & Ensemble Contest (Div. 1 only)
            • Solo - 2 points
            • Ensemble - 2 points
            • Outstanding Performer - 3 points 

    9. All students receiving awards should meet the standards of citizenship as set forth by the school. the district, and the state. Failure to meet these standards could result in an award being withheld or revoked.