Middle School

  • The choir program at the middle school begins with group instruction in the sixth grade. These classes meet daily and focus on the continued development of basic musical skills begun at the elementary level and establishing fundamental choral performance skills. Beginning Choir classes combine on two or more occasions during the year to present concerts for the parents and public. 

    In the seventh and eighth grades, students are provided an opportunity to enroll in gender specific choirs.  If more than one such ensemble is available at the campus, students are placed into choirs based on their overall choral skill and an appropriate balance of voices between parts. These choirs perform three to five concerts each year, including performances on campus, cluster concerts, and for the University Interscholastic League (UIL) Concert and Sight-reading Evaluation. Students may elect to participate in district-sponsored Solo and Ensemble events and/or the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) All-Region Choir audition process, to further develop their individual musicianship. Rehearsal time outside the school day is usually limited.  Many middle school choir programs take their students on day trips to perform throughout the community.  

High School

  • High school choirs challenge the student with more varied and difficult literature than that provided in the middle schools. Students are given a broader range of music with more demanding vocal techniques and a Mixed Choir experience is offered in addition to the Treble and Tenor/Bass Choirs found at the middle school level. Participation in Concert and Sight-reading and Solo and Ensemble events continues in the High School years. All-Region Choir auditions at the high school level are the first round of auditions toward membership in the TMEA All-State Choir.  In addition to a wide variety of local performance opportunities, the high school choirs may travel to an out of town performances or competitions, requiring an overnight stay. 

    Jazz or Show Choirs and other specialty ensembles are offered at the high school level. These ensembles may be offered as part of the daily class schedule or before or after school. Participation in these ensembles is by audition only and students must also participate in a traditional choir ensemble as well.

    A Lesson Program is available to students who wish to enhance their vocal skills through individualized instruction with a contracted instructor.  The campus director can assist students and parents in arranging for such lessons before, during, or after the school day.  For further information, please contact any of the choir directors listed on the staff page.