Welcome to Reeces Creek Elementary!

  • Welcome to Reeces Creek! The Staff of Reeces Creek Elementary School are committed to providing a quality education for all children. We believe this is accomplished not only through our academic work, but also through teaching our students to be people of character.  At Reeces Creek we believe that students are most successful when we work together as a staff, with our parents, and our community to influence our children.

    Reeces Creek serves students in Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade. As of August 2022, we have almost 850 students enrolled to start school on August 15, 2022. New students will find that we offer a variety of programs designed to assist all in reaching their full potential. Our staff consists of 43 classroom teachers, 8 Special Education staff, two Dyslexia teachers, three full-time Physical Education teachers, two Music teachers, five Interventionists, 2 ESL teachers, and an Administrative Support Team ready to serve you and your child. We offer English as a Second Language, Speech, and Special Education services.  Reeces Creek also benefits from having 3 full-time counselors who do an amazing job providing individual, small group, and whole class counseling for our students and, on occasion, their family members.  We have a parent liaison ready to serve our parents with any needs they might have as well.

    We would like to invite you to visit and tour our school. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. It is our hope you will find all staff members responsive to your needs, questions, and/or special situations. We are here because we choose to serve the Reeces Creek Community. Our students and families deserve the best and we have every intention and desire to provide just that!

    We are ready to serve our Coyotes and their families this year!

Our History

  • The History of Reeces Creek Elementary


    The Original Reeces Creek School

    The original Reeces Creek school was located five miles south of Killeen on what is now FM 195. Its span of service covered 58 years, from 1894-1952.   

    The original building was a three-room white frame structure. The room on the west end was converted into an auditorium with a stage at the north end. Three cast iron stoves heated the building. A hand crank, boxed telephone hung on the wall outside of the head teacher's room in the entrance hall. A windmill, which stood on the east side of the school was as memorable as the school itself. Many still remember the landmark. The windmil was erected above a deep well, bringing up fresh water for the refreshment of the teachers and students. Another utility was the electric lights which provided brightness on dark, cloudy days and when some kind of entertainments was on tap at night. Two outhouses, one for the boys on the south side and one for the girls on the north, took the place of indoor plumbing. 

    From 1949-1951 the school was contracted to Killeen Independent School District. On June 4, 1952, the Reeces Creek Common District #70 was annexed to the Killeen Independent School District. Today there is no sign of the original Reeces Creek Center of Learning, nor the windmill, except in the hearts and memories of former patron, teachers, pupils, and trustees. 

     Original students and staff from Reeces Creek Reeces Creek early class picture Early students of Reeces Creek

    Below is an image of a piece of wood from the original Reeces Creek.

    Wood from original school

    Present Day Reeces Creek Elementary School

    The dedication ceremony for the new Reeces Creek Elementary School was held on August 20, 1989. Marge Haedge was the first principal of Reeces Creek, and Billie Myer held the assistant principal position. This school was a 66,250 square-foot elementary school with 42 classrooms. 450 students atteneded the new school. The school was known as the Reeces Creek Critters donning the colors teal and pink. 

    1989 picture of Reeces Creek

    In 1995, Phillys Hill became the principal of Reeces Creek where she remained until 2007. The school continued to grow with the growth of Killeen reaching over 800 students during this time. 

    Michelle Taylor took over as principal in 2007 where she remains the schools academic leader until 2019 when she retired. In 2009 the school mascot changed to the Reeces Creek Coyotes with the colors black and silver. In 2013 a new wing was added to Reeces Creek to accomodate the growing poplulation reaching over 1,300 students. The addition included 13 classrooms, additional bathrooms, spacious library, and beautiful office and clinic area. 

    Plaque from building addition

    In 2019, Reeces Creek welcomed Ms. Sara Watson as the new principal. Principal Watson was previously the principal of Timmerman Elementary School in Pflugerville ISD, where she had served since 2014. She worked for Killeen ISD for 12 years beginning in 2002 and served as principal of Meadows Elementary School for four years starting in 2010. Watson was the assistant principal of Liberty Hill Middle School for three years until 2010 and was a campus instructional specialist at Palo Alto Middle School from 2005-2007. Watson holds a master’s degree in educational administration from Tarleton State University.

    Reeces Creek is currently one of the largest elementary schools in KISD serving 1,080 students. We take great pride in all of our coyotes!