Clinic Announcements

  • Parents and guardians, please send a change of clothes with your child to school. When the season changes, please send new clothes to the campus with your child. This will ensure that the child has a change of clothes when he/she spills milk, slips in a puddle, or has an accident! If your child requires limited physical activity in P.E. or recess, a parent note will be good for 3 days. A doctor’s note is good for as long as the doctor orders.

    Special Clinic notes:

    • Parents must get a new doctor’s order for medications each year.
    • All medications must be picked up by the last day of school or they will be discarded. No meds will stay
      in the clinic over the summer.
    • Please bring in your child’s shot record each time it is updated.
    • If your child’s shots are NOT up to date, they will NOT be assigned a teacher in the fall. Throughout the
      school year, immunization update reports will be run and if their shots are not up to date, they will be put
      out of school. Absences will NOT be excused.

    Students will be sent home when:

    • Diarrhea
    • Temperature greater than 100ºF
    • Vomiting more than twice
    • Evidence of a contagious disease

    What can be done in the clinic?

    • Simple First Aid
    • Check temperature
    • Give medicines with an official form filled out by the doctor
    • Exclude student from school if shots are NOT up to date

Clinic Hours

  • Monday-Friday

    8:05am - 4:05 pm

Contact Us

  • Phone: 254-336-1657    

    Fax: 254-519-5648