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           Here at Maude Moore Wood Elementary School, we are proud to have military children on our campus. We dedicate ourselves every day to providing you and your military child with as many counseling, learning, and extracurricular services as possible, as well as integrating your child into all activities that we offer our other students. As many of our staff members are military-connected, we understand the challenges presented by military life and are excited for the opportunity to teach them and learn from them in turn.


           Below are some of the steps we take toward making your military child feel safe and welcome:

    • Welcome new military families to Maude Moore Wood Elementary
    • Provide support and resources for military families; Connect new families to school MFLC
    • Facilitate new military student popcorn socials
    • Select and train military-connected students to be military ambassadors
    • Collaborate with the MFLC to organize military lunch groups for all military-connected students Pre-K-5
    • Advocate to school leadership in regard to transitional issues faced by military families
    • Support military ambassadors in welcoming new military-connected students to the campus.
    • Attend training and professional development to better understand how to support military-connected students.
    • Advocate for programs that will benefit military family members.
    • Partner with our Adopt-A-Unit to support our military families.
    • Facilitate events during the Month of the Military Child that show appreciation and celebrate our military-connected students for all their sacrifices.





  • Military Liaison Duties
    1.  Serves as the point of contact and works collaboratively between military-connected students and their families and the campus
    2.  Maintains familiarity with enrollment processes, record transfer, existing community resources, and student supports
    3.  Ensures military-connected students are identified and properly coded in TSDS PIEMS
    4.  Determines campus-based supports and services available to military-connected students and their families based on their unique needs and high   mobility
    5.  Assists in coordinating campus-based programs relevant to military-connected students
    6.  Attends professional development or training annually to know and understand the transition of military-connected students and their families

Phone: 254-336-1649


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Evelyn Joseph

My name is Evelyn Joseph and I am the Military Liaison for Maude Moore Wood Elementary (MMWE). One of my greatest accomplishments was supporting my husband who is now a retired veteran of the US Army. Together, we raised four amazing children. Their journeys took them to six military bases, through five deployments, multiple schools, states, towns, and cities during my husband twenty years of service. These unique experiences, shared only by a selected few, are why I am so motivated to create and maintain a school environment designed to support military-connected students and their family members. 

Maude Moore Wood Elementary takes such pride and honor in welcoming and supporting military- students and family members. In addition to the many services we offer all students, MMW has a Military and Family Life Counselors (MFLC), who is on campus daily, military socials to welcome all new military students, weekly lunch groups for military students, and student ambassadors who enthusiastically supports new military student as they adjust to our campus. In short, Maude Moore Wood Elementary is here to support those who serve our country.

Welcome to the Killeen Independent School District family and welcome to Maude Moore Wood Elem. (Warrior Nation).