Bowling Club


    • October 2
    • 4:30 to 6:00

    Hallmark Lanes
    4203 Shawn Drive, Killeen

    PRACTICES ARE HELD ON MONDAYS & TUESDAYS beginning on Oct 2, 2023.

    All levels are welcome!
    Come out and show us what you can do!

    I will be available to meet with parents to review team information/expectations at the bowling alley on Oct 2 at 5:00pm.
    For more information see Ms. Barnard in Room 1106.

    Gwen Barnard         Shoemaker High School, Room 1106


    1.    This is serious. Come to practice focused, ready to bowl, and with the intention of doing your best.
    2.    Keep your hands to yourself.
    3.    No excessive cell phone use.
    4.    Actively participate in practice: pay attention, face the lanes, come with an attitude for learning.
    5.    Be on time – 4:45pm at the latest
    6.    Eating is discouraged during practices.

    1.    Be on time – 4:00pm at the latest – if you are late you may have to sit out the first game. You will be excused from 7th period on game days.
    2.    Wear your uniform: Team shirt, black slacks or black jeans, bowling shoes.
    3.    No cell phones OR earbuds/headphones are allowed during game play.
    4.    Pay attention to the game. Must be ready when it’s your turn; quickly follow the player in front of you.
    5.    If you’re not playing the current game, then you must stay out of the “pit” area.
    6.    Maintain “lane courtesy” for the bowlers beside you.
    7.    Eating is not allowed during game play.

What You Need To Know

  • 1.    We are a club, but we operate as an athletic team. We have tryouts and expectations for attendance. From the first day you will be treated as a team member and if you miss practices, then you may be dropped from the team/club.

    2.    There is a $60 fee for membership dues. This fee covers a portion of the cost of the bowling alley and our team shirts. $20 IS DUE AT THE FIRST PRACTICE. THE ADDITIONAL $40 IS DUE OCT 16, 2023.

    3.    Fundraising. The membership fee does not cover the full club costs. Therefore, we are doing a fundraiser. The best one for us has always been to sell World’s Finest Chocolate candy bars. Get your sales hats ready!

    4.    Eligibility. Texas High School Bowling Centers (THSBC), the association that sets our rules and hosts our events, requires the following:
    a.    We must follow UIL eligibility requirements.
    b.    Students are only eligible to play for 4 years beginning when they are a freshman.
    NOTE: All information can be found here:

    5.    USBC Membership. Students must sign up for a USBC youth membership – this will be done through the bowling alley. Students turning 18 before or during the season will be required to do SafeSport training.

    6.    Game uniforms. Bowlers must wear their team shirts with black slacks or black jeans and bowling shoes.          NO sweatpants, leggings, blue jeans, or shorts will be allowed.

    7.    Bowling Balls – It is not required but is best for students to have their own bowling ball. Many times, the bowling alley has higher quality balls that have been donated for student bowlers. The ball will be free, but it will have to be drilled to fit the bowler. If you receive a free ball, then you will have to pay the drilling fee outside of the team dues.

    8.    Shoes & Bags. Shoes are provided by the bowling alley if you do not have your own. Bags are not provided.

    9.    Leagues. Students may participate in youth leagues outside of the team. However, these cannot be adult leagues and they may not issue prize money or gifts. Any prizes earned must go to a USBC SMART fund for that student.

    10.    Practices – Mondy & Tuesday afternoons from 4:30 to 6:00 at Hallmark Lanes, 4203 Shawn Dr., Killeen. Students need to attend the practices. We do not provide transportation to the bowling alley. If you need a ride let me know and I will help.

    11.    Game Days – we start playing at exactly 4:15. 
             a. On game days, students will be released from school following their 6th period class and are required to arrive at the bowling alley no later than 4:00. If a player arrives after 4:00, then he or she may be asked to sit out for the first game of that tournament.
             b. Students are expected to attend the tournaments, stay for the entire event, and support the team

    12.    Regionals - Should we advance to Regionals the event will be on a Sunday morning. I understand some people may miss church, myself included, but we will expect the team to attend.

    13.    SPORTSYOU APP – Download the SportsYou app and search for Rollin’ Wolves Bowling. Team members are required to join for communication purposes. Parents are welcome to join too. This app is a way of communication between coaches & team members. It also keeps our practice & game schedule for easy access. ACCESS CODE: 7NQJ-CGHS


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