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Campus Military Liaison

Phone: (254) 336-0905


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Tijuana Faulhaber

The Military Family Liaison (MFL) is recognized as one of the strongest supports for addressing the social and emotional needs of military parents, families, and communities.  The MFL's major duties and responsibilities:

    • Integrate the Military child into the campus.
    • Reports to the principal or his/her designees, on transitional issues for the parent or child.
    • Communicates with principal, teachers, students and parents. 
    • Exercises emotional stability, patience, tact and good judgement in all situations. 
    • Interact with students on campus.
    • Models good oral language. 
    • Serves as a District advocate to the military community.
    • Keeps the military leadership aware of district, family, and school issues.
    • Advocates and provides program information and support to military families.
    • Interacts with Military parents.
    • Upholds and adheres to safety rules and policies of the SISD safety program. 
    • Supports the goals and objectives of the school district and follows all district policies. 
    • Demonstrates the ability to attend work on a regular and routine basis to avoid disruption to district operations.
    • Performs other duties as determined through discussion with the supervisor. 
    • Provide optimal customer service to all students, employees, parents, community, members and any other stakeholders of the district.

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