• Request for Services Information

    The KISD Career Center has the ability to offer limited services at a lower cost than retail to KISD employees and the general public. These services/products include, but are not limited to:

    • Salon Services
    • Floral Arrangements for Events
    • Basic Automotive Services
    • Radio Announcements of KISD Events (MY 95.1 FM)
    • Audio/Video Production
    • Various Graphic Design Products
    • Architectural Design Products

    Providing these services helps our students gain the experience and qualifications necessary for their chosen program of study. Outside of the Salon, any service request should be formally requested through the Career and Technical Education Program Advisor, utilizing the CTE Request for Services Form. CTE teachers should not be contacted directly. The Program Advisor will assess any time constraints, alignment of curriculum, and feasibility.

    Please direct any questions to Charlotte Heinze.

    For most services, please complete the CTE Request for Services - General.

    For Audio/Video Production and Radio services, please complete the CTE Request for Services - TV and Radio .


     NOTE: Since services and products are student-created, requests must be able to be completed within the normal school calendar.