Front image of the KISD Career Center

Career Center Information

  • The Career and Technical Education (CTE) program in Killeen Independent School District serves students by providing:

    • Opportunities for students to learn current industry skills while using the latest technology
    • Rigorous coursework that includes academic integration, dual credit, articulated credit, and industry certifications
    • Quality professional development for staff, so that students are college and career ready
    • Instructional partnerships through business and industry collaboration

    The Killeen Independent School District boasts course offerings in all sixteen career clusters. Students begin career exploration in elementary school, and in eighth grade, all students identify a program of study for their graduation plan. Students are encouraged to select courses that are consistent with their college and career plans. High school students may take CTE coursework at all five traditional high schools and at the KISD Career Center with flexible full-day or half-day scheduling options.

    The KISD Career Center is a fully-provisioned, state-of-the-art facility where students from all five KISD high schools may select courses that are consistent with their program of study. Prior to entering the KISD Career Center, each high school will offer students the respective prerequisite courses aligned with their career interests. Coursework at the KISD Career Center consists of business partnerships, student internships, certifications, licensures, college credit, and hands-on educational experiences. These CTE programs were developed and designed in collaboration with local businesses and higher education institutions. Through these collective partnerships, the KISD Career Center provides relevant experiences to better prepare students entering college and the workforce. The KISD Career Center is a great way to prepare students of today for the highly technological and competitive workplace of tomorrow.