Absences and Comp Time

  • Procedure:

    Prior to any absence that is not Personal Illness complete and submit the Absence Request Form. Turn the form into the principal office secretary. Once approved login to TEAMS and go to the "My Absence Reporting" area to complete your absence from duty. (Click the TEAMS logo below to begin.)


    Notice from Employee Service Center:

    Employees who are “sick” and submit their illness absence request through the ESC, their absence request does not need pre-approval to stay home.  You are sick, please stay home!  You will only receive an email notification if you are requesting time off other than an illness reason. If you are entering an illness reason, no notification will be generated.  If you have any questions, please contact Payroll Department at (254) 336-0025.



    To begin click the link below. For detailed set of instructions click here.

    TEAMS logo

    After logging in select the Absence Reporting tab from the right side column.

    Absence Reporting


    For a more detailed set of instructions click here.


    Other forms: