• Home of the Happy Hornets!

  • School Pledge

    I will come to school prepared and ready to learn.
    I will listen, I will think, I will ask questions and I will learn new things.
    I will take care of myself, be kind to others and share my ideas with friends.
    We will do this at Haynes because the future is ours.



  • Mission

    Through collaboration, the Haynes community will cultivate a nurturing environment in which creativity, excitement, and individualism will flourish.

  • Vision

    To foster curiosity and independence while empowering each student to aspire and achieve lifelong success.

  • Historical Principals

    Current Location

    • Mrs. Alice Baumann: 2021 - Current
    • Mrs. Angela Donovan: 2015 - 2021
    • Mr. Diab: 2011 - 2015


Historical Archives

  • Dedication Ceremony in 2011

  • Closing Our Original Location in 2012

  • Haynes 3rd Principal, Alice W. Douse, a Trailblazer