• Haynes Elementary School serves a population of 1,239 students.  It is located at 3309 West Canadian River Loop Killeen, Texas. Haynes Elementary School (HES) was dedicated in 2011.

    Mr. Diab, the very first principal of Haynes Elementary School, oversaw the running of the school from 2011 - 2015.

    Mrs. Angela Donovan served as the second principal from 2015 - 2021.

    Mrs. Alice Baumann is the third and current principal serving at Haynes. Her tenure began in the summer of 2021.

    Our school mascot is the hornet. According to Texas Apiary Inspection Services website, the only known native hornet in Texas is the Baldfaced Hornet. Hornet is generally a term used when talking about wasps and yellowjackets, but the Badfaced hornet is the only known direct hornet species in Texas (txbeeinspection.tamu.edu/public/bee-identification/hornets/). Even though we typically think of hornets as being black and yellow, the species that actually lives in Texas goes about things a little differently by having a black and white color scheme. As you can see below, the Baldfaced hornet is an insect whose black and white markings serves as vibrant and early warning for all others to be warned.

    Baldfaced hornet of Texas

    Here is a link to  instructional material from the Missouri Department of Conservation about the Bald-Faced Hornet.

    You tube video showing a Bald-Faced Hornet queen building her nest. The video is narrated by the videographer.

    Bald-Faced Hornet Queen


    Haynes Elementary School Pledge

    I will come to school prepared and ready to learn.
    I will listen, I will think, I will ask questions and I will learn new things.
    I will take care of myself, be kind to others and share my ideas with friends.
    We will do this at Haynes because the future is ours.


    To foster curiosity and independence while empowering each student to aspire and achieve lifelong success.


    Through collaboration, the Haynes community will cultivate a nurturing environment in which creativity, excitement, and individualism will flourish.