Title I Information

  • Meadows Elementary is a Title I school. We have been a Title I school since the 2019-2020 school year. The Elementary and Secondary Education Act, Title I, Part A, requires that each Title I school hold an annual meeting for the parents and families whose children receive Title I services:

    • Informing you of the school’s participation in Title I, Part A
    • Explaining the requirements of Title I, Part A
    • Explaining your rights and opportunities as parents and families to be involved in your child’s learning and achievement

    Our annual meeting is held each Fall and again in the Spring to revise the Parent and Family Engagement Policy and Home-School Compact.

    The Fall annual meeting covers topics, such as, "What is a Title I school?", our School Curriculum, Student Achievement Data, STAAR Calendar, Our Title I Funds, Campus Improvement Plans, Parent Involvement Funds, Input on Spending Title I Parent Engagement Funds, our Parent and Family Engagement Policy, Home-School Compact, Input on the Policy and Compact, Annual Evaluation, Parents Right To Know, Engagement Opportunities, Way to Support Student Achievement, "Who do I contact?", and ends with the opportunity to ask questions. 

    Our Parent and Family Engagement Policy and the Home-School Compact can be viewed in our student handbook, and on the homepage of our website

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