• Roadrunners Read!

    Welcome to our school library—a sanctuary of knowledge, imagination, and discovery! Our library is more than just a collection of books; it's a vibrant hub where students embark on literary adventures, explore new worlds, and unlock the secrets of learning.

    With a vast array of books, e-resources, and cozy reading nooks, our library is a place where students can fuel their curiosity, research, and expand their horizons. Our dedicated librarians are here to guide, inspire, and instill a lifelong love for reading and learning in every student.

    Explore our catalog online by clicking the link in our resources section. 

    From story hours that transport young minds to far-off lands to quiet study corners for academic pursuits, our library is a versatile space where ideas flourish and dreams take flight. Join us in this literary journey, where every page turned is a step closer to a brighter future. Welcome to our school library, where the adventure begins with each book opened!


      Library Crew

      • Is your student in 3rd, 4th or 5th grade? Do they love the library, books, projects and helping?! Then, Library Crew may be for them! Library Crew members are leaders who assist in the library with shelving books, tidying the space, organizing, helping with projects and bulletin boards, running errands, sharpening pencils, stocking bookmarks and so much more! Students can pick up an application in the library, and turn it into Mrs. Schoenrock, me! I will schedule interviews and select students based off of interest and willingness to assist in the library.

        *New crew members can be hired throughout the year.

      News Crew

        • The News Crew works collaboratively to produce the student announcements.
        • News Crew is an option for 4th and 5th grade students.
        • Students must fill out an application, interview with Mrs. Schoenrock, and intern before being officially "hired"
        • Students must possess the ability to follow expectations and work in a team.
        • The student News Crew jobs are: Assistant Manager, Reporter, Meteorologist, Camera Crew, and Editors.

        *New members can be hired throughout the year.

      • Supporting Student Success!