Welcome to the Palo Alto Middle School Library!

  • Step into a world of imagination, discovery, and knowledge right here on our virtual shelves. Whether you're a seasoned bookworm or just starting to explore the wonders of literature, our digital library is your passport to endless adventures. Dive into captivating stories, unlock the secrets of science, and embark on learning journeys that know no bounds.

    Here, you'll find more than just books. Our collection includes e-books, audiobooks, educational resources, and interactive materials that bring learning to life. Explore our carefully curated sections, broaden your horizons, and spark your curiosity. Our digital doors are always open, providing a safe and inspiring space for you to explore, learn, and grow.

    Feel free to browse, read, and discover at your own pace. Whether you're seeking information for a school project, craving an exciting story, or looking for a quiet place to think, the Palo Alto Middle School Library is here to support your academic and personal growth. The mission of our library is to provide a safe and positive environment for lifelong learners, creative thinkers, and makers.

    Please remember that overdue library books need to be returned to Palo Alto Library as soon as possible. This includes all books from any KISD campus. 

    So, visit us and let's embark on a journey of learning and wonder. 

    • Open school days 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
    • Scheduled visits with a reading teacher every two weeks.
    • During lunch with a pass only (passes are given out daily in the cafeteria).
    • Non-scheduled visits require a hall pass and sign-in.

    Happy exploring!