Campus Clubs & Programs

  • Participation in school clubs is a part of an elementary student's educational journey. These clubs offer young minds a myriad of benefits that extend beyond the classroom. From fostering teamwork to nurturing passions and hobbies, engaging in extracurricular activities provides students with valuable life skills.

    Through clubs, children can develop social and leadership skills, make lasting friendships, and explore interests that might shape their future. Furthermore, it instills a sense of belonging and school pride, enhancing their overall educational experience.

    At Timber Ridge Elementary, we encourage our young learners to join clubs because we believe that participation goes hand in hand with personal growth and academic success. So, let's inspire our elementary students to explore, learn, and grow through the exciting world of school clubs!

    Clubs may vary per school year.

      Science Olympiad

      • Science Olympiad

        Science Olympiad is an engaging and educational competition that brings together students from various schools to explore the wonders of science. Participants, typically third- through fifth-graders, form teams and compete in a range of exciting scientific challenges. These challenges span diverse topics, from intricate experiments to creative problem-solving.

        During Science Olympiad, students work together to tackle intriguing tasks that require estimation, problem-solving, and hands-on construction. They spend months preparing in after-school clubs to hone their skills and knowledge, with the ultimate goal of competing in a day filled with science-centered games.

        Throughout the competition, volunteer judges assess the students' efforts, awarding top individuals and teams in various categories. While the desire to win is strong, the primary focus remains on learning and having fun. Students relish the opportunity to collaborate, learn by doing, and make sense of the world around them.

        Science Olympiad promotes teamwork, collaborative skills, and critical thinking, all while providing a memorable, hands-on experience for young minds. It's an event that combines learning, friendly competition, and social interaction, fostering a love for science and exploration. Ultimately, Science Olympiad nurtures the growth of aspiring scientists and fosters a passion for discovery.

        Science Olympiad typically takes place during the Spring semester. 


      • Student Council

        Elementary school student councils are the heart and soul of our young democracy. These student-led organizations empower our future leaders to voice their ideas and concerns, fostering a sense of responsibility, leadership, and civic engagement from an early age.

        At Timber Ridge Elementary, our student council plays a vital role in shaping school events, advocating for positive changes, and organizing initiatives that benefit both our students and the community. Through elections, students have the opportunity to run for various positions, allowing them to develop valuable skills in teamwork, public speaking, and decision-making.

        By participating in the student council, our young leaders learn the importance of active citizenship and cooperation, setting the foundation for a lifetime of responsible community involvement. It's a platform where their voices are heard and their ideas can flourish, making a significant impact on our school's culture and environment. Together, we're nurturing the leaders of tomorrow, one student council meeting at a time!

      Battle of Books

      • Battle of Books

        The Battle of the Books is an exciting literary competition that engages students in reading, discussing, and thoroughly exploring a curated list of 20 books. Book Club members take on the challenge of becoming intimately familiar with these books, preparing themselves for the highly anticipated annual "Battle of the Books" event, a multi-school competition typically held in the Spring.

        Participating book clubs from various schools across the district convene to immerse themselves in the world of literature while enjoying the process of preparation. This epic battle of literary knowledge sees teams of students from different schools come together to answer questions derived from the selected 20 award-winning books.

        In this friendly competition, each team competes at their own school, with questions presented by district leaders. Teams collaborate to provide answers within a given timeframe, fostering teamwork and camaraderie.

        In the end, the Battle of the Books is more than just a competition; it's a celebration of literature, teamwork, and the joy of reading. It inspires students to delve into the world of books, fostering a love for reading and the pursuit of knowledge.