Roo Battalion Honored with Awards from Cowtown Classic

The halls of Killeen High School resonated with pride as the ROO Battalion received the awards they recently earned at the highly competitive Cowtown Classic JROTC competition. Under the leadership of Command Sergeant Major (Retired) Jonathan Ballard, Command Sergeant Major (Retired) John Pulido, Major (Retired) Jimmy Stewart, and their dedicated cadet leadership team, the battalion showcased their exceptional skills, securing prestigious trophies across multiple categories including the title of Grand Champions, the highest honor that is awarded to the unit that earns the most points.
The Cowtown Classic Drill Competition was sponsored by the Fort Worth ISD JROTC Department. Renowned for testing the mettle of Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) units, on November 4th, the classic witnessed Killeen High School's cadets excelling in numerous military challenges. From rigorous physical fitness trials to precision-driven marksmanship and drill contests, the ROO Battalion demonstrated unwavering prowess and determination.

Major Stewart, beaming with pride, commended the battalion's exemplary teamwork, resilience, and unwavering dedication throughout the competition. "The commitment and spirit exhibited by our cadets is truly commendable. They've not only showcased their skills but also embodied the values of leadership and camaraderie," remarked Major Stewart.
big trophyCadet Commander Javier DeLeon shared, "I'm immensely proud of our display of Killeen High's values, especially integrity, a cornerstone we embody. Witnessing our battalion excel was thrilling, especially seeing our newcomers thrive. Achieving this in my junior year is significant, and I'm eager to elevate our performance further in the upcoming year. We're geared up to take it to the next level!"
HugBefore presenting the trophies and medals, Ret. CSM Ballard said, “I want each of you to pause and recognize the incredible fruits of your labor. Remember, every ounce of dedication and hard work has contributed to this success. Let this be a testament that perseverance and effort always paves the way for remarkable achievements in life.”
proud cadetsThe awards ceremony, graced by the battalion's leadership team, resounded with applause and jubilation as the trophies were presented, symbolizing the culmination of relentless training and sheer determination. "This victory stands as a testament to the effort and dedication of our students. They've made us immensely proud," expressed Principal Kara Treviño, emphasizing the significance of the exemplary role models they are to other students on campus.
smiling cadetsThe Cowtown Classic JROTC competition not only provided a platform for showcasing military prowess but also fostered a sense of sportsmanship and camaraderie among participating units. Other KISD battalions also participated in the classic. During the veterans day parade, Shoemaker High School cadet Charlize Dean said, "Being part of this competition has been the highlight of my year. As a senior, I’m excited because it means I’ve finally earned my letterman jacket. Being part of the Grey Wolf Battalion during this memorable journey has been nothing short of amazing, a treasured experience before I move on to the next chapter of my life." Jade Conde, also from Shoemaker High School, commented about her experience at the classic, saying, “It was an incredible experience; we got to show love to the other Killeen ISD battalions that participated, and I felt proud of all of us!”

medalsAs the KISD battalions returned to their respective high schools adorned with accolades, their triumph at the Cowtown Classic stands as a testament to their commitment to excellence and serves as inspiration for future generations of JROTC cadets.

Deputy Superintendent Jennifer Ellison, Chief College Career and Military Readiness Officer Nancy Patterson, along with Killeen High School Assistant Principals and other leaders from the school, gathered to celebrate the remarkable success of the students at Roo Nation.

In addition to earning the title of Grand Champions, the Roo Battalion also brought home the following awards: 

Armed Drill Overall - 1st Place 

Inspection - 1st Place 

Regulation - 2nd Place 

Exhibition - 1st Place 

Best Commander - Gold Medal

Ten individual medals: 

  • Javier DeLeon (Commander)
  • Heaven Galvan (Executive Officer) 
  • Natalie Gomez 
  • Baldemar Balderas
  • Marcos Bedolla
  • Jacob Gallegos
  • Alexis Nieves Rodriguez
  • Franklin Nieves
  • Amaya Stafford
  • David Calderon


Unarmed Drill Overall - 3rd Place

Inspection - 3rd Place

Best Commander - Bronze

Individual Medals:

  • Dayshanea Wright (Commander)
  • Jada Masao (Executive Officer)
  • Ashely Calderon
  • Jamarcus Pikes
  • Devi Ramsumare
  • Fatemah Muhammad
  • Rosa Lopez
  • Christina Lopez
  • Cy'asia Jefferson
  • Sasha Lewis
  • Yaqin Muhammad
  • Peyton Sigrah
  • Rosaline Tavai

Female Physical Fitness - 100 yard dash 

  • Nicole Harper (Commander) - 1st Place
  • Best Female Overall - 3rd Place 
  • Amaya Stafford
  • Elise Harper
  • Mackeila Angrand


Male Physical Fitness - 17th Place

  • Brandon Molina (Executive Officer)
  • Anthony Rivera
  • Robert Pouncey
  • Jake Evangelista


Female Color Guard - 11th Place

  • Fatemah Muhammad (Commander)
  • Jada Masao
  • Heaven Galvan
  • Dayshanea Wright


Male Color Guard - 10th Place

  • Joseph Russell (Commander)
  • Robert Johnston
  • Baldemar Balderas
  • Jayvyn Manns


Academics - 9th Place

  • Joseph Russell (Commander)
  • Jeremiah Hankins (Executive Officer)
  • Ariel Nieves
  • Joshua Roman


Air Rifle Team (Sporter) - 4th Overall

  • Natalie Gomez (Commander)
  • Jeremiah Hankins (Executive Officer) 
  • Kya Brown
  • Sarah Turk
  • Ameila Valenzuela (Team Supply) 

The awards ceremony culminated in a resounding cheer: "Go Big Roos," echoing with pride and enthusiasm.

Big group photo