Dive into Summer 2024 Learning Fun at the Career Center!

The summer learning train is full steam ahead at the Career Center as many secondary students partake in the various camps going on. Students are learning STEM through immersive experiences including CSI, Robotics, and Killeen ISD's newest camp, Elevate Your Beats: a Track Masters DJ Experience.two girls building small robots at a desk

Students were filled with energy as they honed in on learning these new skills. In the CSI camp, students learned how to create footprints, make fake blood, and used their creations toanalyze blood splatters at various crime scenes.

girl marking floor with tape



In the Robotics camp, students worked as a team to make their own city roads with tape while their teammates built, programmed, and designed the robots that would be roaming these tape-filled streets.


In the newest DJ Experience, students showcased their skills for their peers, playing music and practicing with various song options and DJ equipment. Students surrounded the DJs as they switched in and out in-between songs, vibing to the music and the cool mini flames decorating their set up. zoomed in photo of hands on dj equipment


Kimberly McClish, Secondary District Instructional Technologist, who oversees secondary summer learning, shared, “Our goal is to provide quality, career skills, and high interest programs to students to help them explore and apply learning. We have been strategically offering more camp options for our students and hope to continue to provide unique opportunities."


After receiving the student feedback, McClish noted that the camps have been a great success. “Our goal is to provide students with 

opportunities to develop and strengthen workplace skills in an effort to increase their opportunity for success. KISD is committed to ensuring students are work-force and life-ready. Opportunities like camp, provide additional learning opportunities in a safe environment and spark creativity, wonder, and excitement." 

girl on the floor performing a blood splatter analysis

Students are learning many skills that can aid in both choosing their career path and basic problem-solving skills useful when in class. While enjoying their time in their respective camps students were also provided with free breakfast and lunch.