• State Required Health Screenings

    7th grade:
    Vision and Hearing Screening: This will take place during the first semester. Students will be screened by the School Nurse in her office. Letters will be mailed home to parents if a student fails vision or hearing screening requesting medical evaluation. If the student does not have health insurance and needs financial help in obtaining eyeglasses, please call the School Nurse so that appropriate paperwork can be submitted.

    8th grade:
    Scoliosis screening: The school nurse will call students to her office to be screened. Scoliosis, the medical term for curvature of the spine, is a common disorder. When discovered early, it is more likely to be controlled by treatment. The examination requires only a simple visual examination of the child’s spine but will necessitate the removal of outer clothing. Provisions for privacy will be provided. Parents will be notified via mail if medical follow-up is necessary. A professional examination by a physician or chiropractor can be done in lieu of the school screening, but results must be presented to the School Nurse.


    ATTENTION Parents of 6th grade students
    Texas State Immunization Requirements For All Incoming 7th Graders.

    -DPT/TD/Tdap- 1 dose of Tdap within 5 years of last tetanus containing vaccine
    -Varicella - 2 doses on or after 1st birthday or history of chickenpox.
    -Meningococcal- 1 dose

    Remember to provide the school nurse with a copy of an immunization record if you haven't already done so. Students will be excluded from school in August if the School Nurse does not have a record of these shots when the student enters 7th grade. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.