Physical Education Class

  • Physical Education Class
    Beginning with the 2008-09 school year, all middle school students will be subject to the provisions of Senate Bill 530 as enacted by the Texas Legislature in 2007. This statute requires that all middle school students complete four (4) semesters of Physical Education while in grades 6-8. Additionally, students shall have no less than thirty (30) minutes of vigorous physical activity each day of these four semesters. The middle school campuses utilize several options to meet this new PE mandate, to insure that all courses and subjects are required by KISD and the State of Texas, and allow students to have choice in their elective classes in grades 6-8. Please contact your child’s middle school for specifics on the implementation of the PE requirements on their campus.

    Physical Education Grades 6 & 7
    Students will be involved in physical skills in various activities that are designed to acquaint students with basic knowledge, understanding, and values of physical education. These activities will range from major seasonal sports to conditioning/ rhythms or aerobics and will include many recreational games. Physical fitness, as it relates to optimal healthful living and lifetime carry-over, will be emphasized.

Athletics: Grades 7 or 8

  • In this program, students will be involved in organized athletic competition in a variety of sports, functioning under the guidelines established by the University Interscholastic League. In seventh grade, athletics is a substitute for physical education. In eighth grade, athletics is an elective.

    NOTE: In order to participate in athletics, students must meet the eligibility requirements established by the State of Texas.