• Capture Memories, Leave Your Legacy with the Roy J Smith Middle School Yearbook Club!
    Attention all future historians and memory-makers! Join the pride of leopards in the Roy J Smith Middle School Yearbook Club and be a part of crafting the ultimate time capsule of our school year. From unforgettable moments to cherished friendships, this is your chance to ensure no memory goes unnoticed.

    Your Footprint in Time:
    As a member of the Yearbook Club, you'll play a pivotal role in documenting the highlights, achievements, and laughter that fill our school days. From snapping candid shots to designing creative layouts, your efforts will help create a yearbook that reflects the vibrant spirit of our leopard community.

    Memories Preserved Forever:
    Imagine flipping through the pages of the yearbook and reliving every smile, every event, and every success. Joining the Yearbook Club is your opportunity to capture these memories and immortalize them in print. Each page you design, each photo you choose, becomes a piece of our collective story that will be treasured for years to come.

    Stay Informed:
    Keep your eyes peeled for important announcements about yearbook sales! Whether it's at school or in our parent newsletters, you'll receive all the information you need to secure your very own piece of leopard history. The yearbook isn't just a book – it's a doorway to cherished memories, and it's your chance to hold onto this chapter forever.

    Be Part of Something Big:
    Joining the Yearbook Club isn't just about being a photographer or designer – it's about being part of a team that captures the essence of our school year. It's a chance to collaborate, share your creative ideas, and contribute to a project that will be cherished by students, teachers, and parents alike.

    Secure Your Slice of History:
    Don't miss out on being a part of the Roy J Smith Middle School Yearbook Club! Keep your eyes and ears open for announcements and opportunities to snag your own copy of the yearbook. It's not just a book – it's a keepsake, a time machine, and a source of pride for our entire leopard family.

    Join the Roy J Smith Middle School Yearbook Club and Leave Your Mark on History!