Yolanda Murray
  • Mrs. Yolanda Murray

    At Risk Counselor & Military Liaison

    Phone: (254) 336-1050 

                 (254) 336- 1056

    Email: yolanda.murray@killeenisd.org


  • Military Liason Duties

            1. Serves as the point of contact and works collaboratively between military-connected students and their families and the campus.

            2. Maintains familiarity with enrollment processes, record transfer, exisiting community resources, and student supports.

            3. Ensures military-connected students are identified and properly coded in TSDS PIEMS

            4. Determines campus-based supports and services available to military-connected students and their families based on their unique needs and high mobility.

            5. Assists in coordinating campus-based programs relevant to military-connected students.

            6. Attends professional development or training annually to know and understanding the trasition of military-connected students and their families.