Criminal Defense Attorney Coaches Students in Mock Trial Prep at Nolan Middle School

ATTORNEY LOPEZ VISITOn Monday, October 23rd, students at Nolan Middle School received a unique opportunity as they welcomed local criminal defense attorney Katie Gomez back to their classroom. Mrs. Gomez visited Mr. Murphy's English Language Arts class to impart her legal expertise and guide students in preparing for their upcoming Mock Trial.

In the previous week, students had been diligently working on the fundamental aspects of a trial, focusing on crafting a convincing claim supported by credible evidence. The culmination of their efforts took place this week in a courtroom setting featuring Cinderella and a pair of missing glass slippers as central elements of the trial's narrative.

Mrs. Gomez played a crucial role in helping the young aspiring lawyers hone their skills. She assisted them in shaping compelling opening and closing arguments, providing invaluable insights into the art of crafting questions that could expose weaknesses in the opposing side's case. During her visit, Mrs. Gomez emphasized the importance of creating a persuasive narrative that would engage the jury, highlighting that each side needed a relatable hero for the jury to sympathize with.

Mock TrialsThe following day, students had the opportunity to put into practice what they had learned during their mock trials. The courtroom was brought to life under the guidance of Mr. Murphy, who donned a judge's wig and robe, adding authenticity to the proceedings. Students, too, embraced the role-playing aspect of the event, dressing up in various legal personas, making them feel as though they were genuinely participating in a real courtroom trial.

story Ella Sturgeon, a 6th grader at Nolan Middle School, shared her excitement, saying, "It felt like I was a real lawyer! We learned so much this week about having enough evidence to support your claim. Without it, you aren't credible."

The Mock Trial experience provided students with a hands-on introduction to the world of law and litigation. It allowed them to apply critical thinking and persuasive communication skills, fostering a deeper understanding of the legal process. Katie Gomez's visit was a valuable opportunity for the students, offering them real-world insights into the legal profession and equipping them with skills that extend beyond the classroom.

The Mock Trial experience is sure to leave a lasting impression on these young minds, who may someday find themselves pursuing careers in the legal field, inspired by their day in a makeshift courtroom at Nolan Middle School.