Teacher of the Year

  • The goal of the Killeen ISD Teacher of the Year program is to recognize and celebrate the wealth of excellent teachers that exist across the district.  We applaud teachers who prioritize the needs of all children, who devote their professional lives to enriching the lives of KISD students, and who demonstrate exceptional gains in student achievement.




Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Lucas Leavitt

Philosophy of Education: I would consider my teaching philosophy to be fluid based on the students in my classroom. I believe as an educator it is my job to assess the needs and skills of my students and adapt my style to a manner that best cultivates an environment where they can grow and be successful. Students in my classroom are encouraged to connect with each other, not just the curriculum, so they can learn to strategize, problem solve, and process through challenges in a way that leaves learners with a sense of pride, accomplishment and community. I acknowledge that chemistry may not be in the future for all my students, but promoting teamwork, higher level thinking, and determination will serve them well regardless of where their future takes them.

Past Recipients