Harker Heights High School Rock-and-Roll Show Set For This Weekend

Picture it… Knight Club… 2023!

There is excitement in the air at Harker Heights High School as choir students ardently prepare for the Knight Club this weekend.

The HHHS Knight Club production is an annual crowd-pleasing, professional-quality rock-and-roll show featuring songs spanning seven decades of radio hits. And you can have a front row seat to the action this Friday and Saturday at 7:00 PM.

“It’s not your typical choir concert,” senior Cur’Te’Ana Mays said as she talked about the variety of artists and genres in this year’s show. “It’s a little bit of everything.”

The program, which consists of two acts and an intermission, features songs from artists including Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Tina Turner, Carrie Underwoood, Elton John, Beyoncé, Shakira, Elvis Presley, Jason Aldean, Whitney Houston, and many more, with everything from classic ballads to hype dance numbers.

Tickets, which raise funds for choir activities and student scholarships, are available here:


Prices vary from $5 to $30 based on the seat.

The professional band, sound, and lights will transform the auditorium into a concert venue, and choir directors Spencer Wiley and Amber Moon will serve as master and mistress of ceremonies.

A key element of the production is that it is student-led throughout the process, from song selection to the final performance. Performers recruit back-up singers and dancers, assemble costumes, choreograph, and lead rehearsals.

Senior and Choir President Rebecca Mack said, “Everyone has been putting in so much hard work, and I think you’ll really see it on stage!” But what she’s looking forward to the most is sharing the experience with her choir classmates. “The rehearsal process and making memories backstage with everyone is almost more fun than the show.”

The backstage crew is also comprised of students, with senior Anthony Castellanos at the helm as Stage Manager. “I’ve been going to Knight Club as long as I can remember,” he shared. “It has been around since I was born. It’s a huge thing for this community.” He also expressed gratitude for the chance to hone his leadership skills. “An all-student-run show is a lot of work, but it’s a great teaching tool.”

Several students echoed the opportunities for growth presented in being a part of Knight Club.

Freshman Benji Saban Contreras shared that his first Knight Club experience was an exciting challenge. “It’s so much deeper than just singing… it required a lot of character development and getting out of my comfort zone.”

Junior Elena Bryan is no stranger to the Knight Club stage. “I’ve been able to grow so much since my freshman year. I’ve got good mentors, and I’ve got great friends, and I’ve built relationships I’m going to have for the rest of my life.”

Senior José Nava sees Knight Club as much more than a performance opportunity. “Throughout the years, Knight Club has helped me realize what I can and should be doing. It has helped me grow, not just as a singer, but as a person.”

Senior Ty Holcomb, who also created this year’s Knight Club trailer video (link below), shared that her years of performances as a back-up singer and soloist helped her overcome stage fright. “You get to feel like a celebrity for a couple of hours.” She encouraged her fellow Knight Club performers to just “Have fun! Don’t get caught up in being worried on stage. Just do it! Just sing and have a good time. That’s what we’re here to do!”

Check out the 2023 Knight Club trailer here: