Since 2015, ECHS has built a strong working relationship with the Central Texas College (CTC) campus.  It is through this collaboration that ECHS has grown exponentially and provided opportunities for our Lions to be successful. 

    ECHS currently houses 20 teachers, 3 secretaries, 2 counselors, 2 assistant principals, the registrar, the principal and both junior and senior Lions at both Eagle Hall (Building 262) and the Shoemaker Center (Building 244).  Our scholars also attend classes with professors throughout the day in various buildings.

    Our Lions are active in the many activities that CTC offers, from intramural sports to theater productions and everything in-between.  They have also won awards through the programs and activities at CTC and our Lions will continue to remain a strong presence in the CTC community.

    Below are the administrators and secretaries assigned to the CTC campus:

    Kathleen Burke – Principal

    Joe Gonzalez – Curriculum Director

    Mahalia Scott – Assistant Principal

    David Leitsch – Registrar

    Maria Woods – 12th Grade Counselor

    Warren Kostencki – 11th Grade Counselor

    Virginia Christenson – AP/Curriculum Director Secretary

    Deidra Gray – Registrar/Counselor Secretary

    Shalanda Gaines – Attendance Secretary/Receptionist

    Gwyn Breaux – Nurses’ Aide