Apply to ECHS

  • The Early College Application is now submitted through Naviance. Below are the instructions on how your student can access and submit the application through Naviance. 

    All active Killeen ISD students have a Naviance account. 

Steps to ECHS Application in Naviance

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  • Please see your school counselor or College Readiness Teacher if you need help completing your application. 

    Don't wait, apply today! 

    • The 1st round of selections is in February. Additional opportunities will follow. 
  • Easily access Naviance through Clever. 

      Lottery Selection Process

      • Each August, ECHS admits up to 300 rising 9th grade students.  The students are chosen using the guidelines below.

        To be considered for admission, students must complete all components of the application process as indicated below:

        • Students must complete an online application and it must be signed by the student and parent/guardian and submitted to the KISD CCMR office. Applications are date stamped.
        • Students are requested to attend the student informational nights held at all 11 middle schools.
        • Attend a Saturday TSIA assessment. The TSIA assessment will serve as a benchmark for your scholar.

        For students that have met the application deadline:

        • A lottery is held for the students that have completed the application process.  
        • Scholars are notified by mail of their acceptance/waitlist or denial of admittance.

        For students that apply after the application deadline:

        • No lottery is held for late applicants and applications are placed in chronological date order.
        • Late applicants must still complete the application process and, if they meet the criteria, are put on a wait list and are admitted as space allows.


      • Killeen Early High School's mission is to focus on giving students who are at-risk, low income and/or first-generation college goers, as well as students who are historically underrepresented in college courses an opportunity to earn college credit for free while attending high school. However, all students from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply and will be considered for admission. In accordance to Texas Education Agency rules for early college high schools (ECHS Blueprint, 2017) academics, discipline, and/or teacher recommendations cannot be considered in the selection process. Student selection will be based upon the application essays and completion of the application process. 

        Please keep in mind, incomplete applications will not be processed. This application must be filled out completely and correctly by a parent with custodial authority or a legal guardian AND the student. A completed application for admissions review consists of the submission of the online application and the completion of a written essay. All students considered for admission must live in the Killeen ISD attendance zone.