• Data will be collected on student growth utilizing third-party or district-created assessments appropriate to each course, including:

    • CIRCLE (Pre-K)
    • NWEA MAP (reading, math, science)
    • District created pre-/post-tests (social studies)

    Student Growth Criteria
    Students must have received at least 80 days of instruction from the teacher to be included in data calculations. Unexcused absences, truancy, and absences resulting in from the student's removal due to delinquent shots will not count in attendance. Withdrawn students with both a BOY and EOY score, who have received the required 80 days of instruction, will be included in calculations.

    Calculating Student Growth
    Teachers should assess at least 90% of students enrolled in an eligible course to obtain valid data. When less thatn 90% of students enrolled are assessed, 100% of the enrollment count will be used in calculations. 

    All TIA eligible courses a teacher instructs will be included in calculations with the following used to determine the student growth metric:

    90% of Students Assessed
    Only students who meet growth and attendance criteria and complete both the BOY and EOY assessments will be used to calculate student growth.

    Less than 90% of Students Assessed
    All students who meet attendance criteria and were enrolled during the BOY window will be used to calculate student growth data.