Services We Provide

  • Purchasing Services is responsible for procuring products and services and negotiating contracts on behalf of the District.  The team also assists vendors regarding how to register on-line to receive bid notifications from our eSourcing tool, Ion-Wave. Purchasing services consists of four departments including:

    The Purchasing Services Department and campus and department employees involved in purchasing activities share the responsibility of expending district funds in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and safeguarding the public’s trust. Successful purchasing is a collaborative venture between the Purchasing Department and the schools and departments within the district. The purpose of our department is to provide guidelines and procedures for all District employees involved in the procurement process, as well as offer practical and consistent solutions allowing employees to utilize best practices to assess their purchasing needs. Naturally, when a situation of special circumstances arises, end users should contact the Purchasing Department for guidance. We anticipate that the information provided will offer the community greater insight on how the District’s procurement process works, where the responsibilities lie, and how the process is governed by laws, ethics and diligence of the Purchasing Services Department staff to be good stewards of taxpayer’s dollars. 

Goal & Objectives

    It is the continuous goal of the Purchasing Services Department to support and be responsive to the needs of those we serve: the students, educators, and administrators of Killeen ISD.
    Objectives include: 

    • Manage the uninterrupted flow of goods and services to meet the district’s needs.
    • Maintain a position of leadership by striving to obtain quality products at the lowest cost in every area of our operation.
    • Initiate and maintain effective and professional relationships with current and potential vendors.
    • Contract with suppliers who bring value, cost effective solutions, quality products and excellent customer service to the District.
    • Foster a spirit of community by encouraging local vendors to participate in the procurement process.
    • Protect the financial integrity of the district through negotiations and sound procurement practices.
    • Offer an unwavering support of the District’s mission statement and the investment in our student’s futures.  

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