• The Telecommunications Department provides telephone communications, safety surveillance, cable TV, intercom services, layer one cabling, radio communications, and media retrieval for all KISD campus’ and administration buildings.

    More than 60,000 phone calls a month are processed. There are over 800 safety surveillance cameras in use. All class rooms are equipped with an intercom phone, television, and layer one computer service. The following is a more in-depth view of our department.

    KISD utilizes multiple intercom systems throughout the district. The Telecommunications Department is responsible for overseeing installations into new campuses and the maintenance of existing systems. All calls to classrooms, bell schedules, overhead speakers, and campus-wide announcements utilize the intercom system.

    All phone calls coming in or outgoing are maintained by The Telecommunications Department. Whether local or long-distance service and billing, VOIP, fax, or cellular calling, The Telecommunications Department is responsible for service installations and clear connections.

    The Telecommunications Department is responsible for the distribution of cable TV throughout all KISD. We ensure that the installation and maintenance of the cabling is done correctly. Cable TV is extremely important to the classroom because it distributes campus-based media retrieval.

    Media Retrieval is a system that allows teachers to access educational videos. Currently, Media Retrieval is broadcasted across normal television cable and is campus-based. We are responsible for broadcasting this signal across the cable network at a balanced level. We are in the process of upgrading our media retrieval to a district level, IP-based, centralized service which will allow teachers to access media and cable through the internet.

    Radio communications is a very important aspect of the district. It allows campus personnel to communicate instantly between themselves. Also, the telecommunications department allows secure communications with transportation and maintenance through the service of our repeaters.

    The public address systems are used throughout the district for all sporting events as well as internal events at each campus. The telecommunications is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all the pa systems throughout the district.

    To accomplish these actions our team will apply their 80 years of combined experience to make communications no more than an afterthought to those who use it.

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