• A Commitment to our Community

    The KISD Police Department has made a commitment to the community: 

    1. The department shall accept complaints from any person who believes he or she has been stopped or searched based on racial, ethnic or national origin profiling.  No person shall be discouraged, intimidated or coerced from filing a complaint, nor discriminated against because he or she filed such a complaint.

    2. Any employee who receives an allegation of racial profiling, including the officer who initiates the stop, shall record the person's name, address, and telephone number, and forward the complaint through the appropriate channel or direct the individual(s). Any employee contacted shall provide to that person a copy of a complaint form or the department process for filing a complaint.  All employees will report any allegation of racial profiling to their superior before the end of their shift.

    3. Investigation of a complaint shall be conducted in a thorough and timely manner.  All complaints will be acknowledged in writing to the initiator who will receive a disposition regarding said complaint within a reasonable period of time. The investigation shall be reduced to writing and any reviewer's comments or conclusions shall be filed with the chief. When applicable, findings and/or suggestions for disciplinary action, retraining, or changes in policy shall be filed with the chief.

    4. If a racial profiling complaint is sustained against an officer, it will result in appropriate corrective and/or disciplinary action, up to and including termination. 

    Compliments / Complaints


    In accordance with Texas Senate Bill 1074, 77th Legislation 2001, the Killeen ISD Police Department has made significant efforts to inform the public about issues relevant to the complaint process. Special emphasis has been placed on informing school community members about filing a complaint regarding racial profiling practices.


    How to Compliment a Killeen ISD Police Department Officer/Employee


    The Killeen ISD Police Department is committed to protecting our future by providing a safe and positive educational environment for students, staff, and other shareholders in order for students to learn at their maximum potential. Our officers/employees are well-trained and committed to providing the very best service to the community with honor and integrity.

    If you would like to recognize an officer/employee who has performed his/her duties in a manner you think is exceptional, and reflects favorably upon the officer/employee and the Department, then we encourage you to take a moment and tell us about it. Such a positive and appreciative atmosphere improves officer/employee morale and helps all members of the Department work harder to improve their individual performance and the quality of the services they provide to the public.

    Please share with us your experiences about Killeen ISD finest in one of the following ways:

    Download The Form Here 


    1. Complete the form, which can be printed and mailed or may be saved and emailed to the Police Department at the following address:



    Killeen ISD Police Department
    4100 Zephyr Rd

    Killeen, TX 76543

    2. Send an email to:



    How to Make a Complaint Against a Killeen ISD Police Officer/Employee


    In most instances, we believe Killeen ISD Police officers/employees work in partnership with citizens and that our contacts with citizens are positive. To ensure we function efficiently while maintaining the rights of the community we protect, Killeen ISD Police personnel are trained to follow a series of policies and procedures as well as to work within the guidelines of local, state, and federal laws. Because of the nature of law enforcement, we also understand that citizens, on occasion, may object to the actions of the police/employees or may feel their conduct is inappropriate. Therefore, we have established procedures for citizens to report their concerns to the Department.

    The Chief of Police has the responsibility to ensure a thorough, fair, and timely investigation of all allegations concerning improper actions by officers/employees of the Killeen ISD Police Department. For a complaint to be considered official, state law requires it to be in writing and signed by the person making the complaint. Each official complaint is reviewed by the Chief's office. If the complaint is about conduct that would violate police procedures or laws, an investigation will occur. When the investigation is complete, you will be notified of the disposition.

    Investigations can have the following dispositions:

    Unfounded: The investigation indicates the act(s) complained of did not occur or did not involve Killeen ISD Police personnel.

    Exonerated: The investigation indicates the alleged act(s) did occur but were within the policies, procedures, and guidelines as set forth by the Department.

    Not Sustained: The investigation failed to disclose sufficient evidence to clearly prove or disprove the allegations made.

    Sustained: The investigation discloses sufficient evidence to clearly prove the allegation made in the complaint.

    When a complaint against an officer/employee is sustained, the Chief of Police will take appropriate actions, which may include any of the following:

    - Training and counseling
    - Reprimand
    - Suspension from duty without pay
    - Termination from the department
    - Criminal prosecution

    If you wish to make a complaint concerning any Killeen ISD Police personnel, click the link below for the Citizen Complaint Form. The form may be taken directly to the Killeen ISD Police Department or mailed to the following address:


    Killeen ISD Police Department
    Chief Erik Hydorn - Confidential
    4100 Zephyr Rd.
    Killeen, TX 76543


    Remember, in order to be considered, the form must be signed by the person making the complaint.

    Click HERE for the Citizen Complaint Form.